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my name is Michael and I own a 08/09 Salomon x-wing Tornado ti /w z14 binding pre-fitted by Salomon used no more than 15 ski days since I bought them and they where used as Salomon suggests-in all mountain conditions (groomed and some off-piste).
20 days ago they where damaged when I was skiing, can't tell how happened as there was nothing unusual like a drop or hit.
The core of the ski cracked as photos show and although they where not in warranty I tried to contact Salomon twice and had no response from them.
The least expected was an answer for how did this happened and if it was defective as a specific pair or as a model, a solution that would excuse the 800€ they cost me for 15 days of ski.
 All I have to regret is for buying from a brand witch is only good as it seems in having a good image and in marketing.Side.jpgCore dmg 1.jpg