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Keystone rant

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Ok, we've been lucky enough to have a great deal of snow this year but I'm really getting pissed about this.  I usually ski Keystone on Sunday morning before heading out to beat the traffic. Today was about the fourth powder day on Sunday this year for me and again the best run on the first mountain is closed all morning. I'm talking about Go Devil. Over the years they've kept expanding the park to the point where the only way to access Go Devil is through the park, but the park crowd doesn't like powder so the park remains closed until they get it all groomed out.  No park, no Go Devil.  Would it be asking too much to rope off the west ridge so you could still access Go without being able to get in the park? It didn't used to be like this.


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i'm just sick of it being closed for races, race training, etc... the damn thing is only open every other blue moon...


my brother-in-law and i entered onto it through the trees and got stopped by ski patrol and the race coordinator... didn't get in formal trouble but it's just sad that such a nice trail (my fav at keystone) is closed all the time...

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It is ashame that Go Devil is always closed cuz it is a lot of fun. I have even gotten dirty looks from race coaches when entering the bottom half when they have only closed the top half. I was a little surprised too that they got rid of the netting on the skiers left at the bottom half a sldie there could easily send so,eone flying off the side. 

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Well I've let them know what I think:

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