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2012 Line Prophet 98, 179

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Sugar Bowl,


Some frozen crud, breakable crust, soft spring snow, steep wet snow, all over the board interesting snow...



6ft, 167, finesse skier, more skilled then bold, ski at moderate speeds, all terrain,


First off,

I had been sking a few skis in a row, with Phil, Dawg, Trek,


I had skied FX94, kastle MX 88, Bliz Bushwacker, then this ski,

some pretty good company,




If i was going to buy a ski from this group after this interesting tahoe snow day, this would be it.


I believe they just added a bit more shape to the prophet 100, by taking a couple mm out of the waist, and adding a few cm of early rize to the tip. compna


This ski is just fun, playful, versatile, solid. did someone say it was price point ski? seemed awfully high end to me.


the extra shape made it quite fun on piste, with some good shape in carved turns, but it transitioned well from shaped/blended to carves easily.

The tip worked well, and wasn't annoying, seems companies are getting the tranistion down where the negatives of the early rise aren't overwhelming the postives.


Compared to the others, this ski was more easygoing, and was easier to get to stay up out of some of the death cookies we were skiing off piste, but you could get it to dig in and hold as well.


Overall, super versatile, super fun, great ski. The only place where it gave anything up to my MX98 was in the steepest turns, like a couple turns in the 3rd sister at sugar bowl, the choke turn in the 4th, where when I'd really stand and want it to stick, I felt a bit more torsional twist then my kastle. Otherwise, it was tied for best ski of the day w/ my mx98.


I know this 98 space is packed w/ lots of compettion right now, but don't overlook this overachiever.




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Thanks for the review. I own a pair and like them but have not skied any other skis in this category. Reading your review makes me think I picked the right ski.

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Same here, happy to read your review. I just purchased the Prophet 98 @186 and did not have a chance to demo them.

Can't wait to use'em.


I am 6'5" @ 220lb

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Just bought a pair of Prophet 98's a few days ago. Wow. These are great skis.

Have skied them on everything from untracked to groomers. They ski it all well. Just a few observations:

1. At Alyeska, we are often skiing in boot deep cut crud that has had a few days to set up. Some skis get pushed around and feel unstable underfoot. Others just bounce along on the top. The Prophets are happy to slice right through it. These skis are just remarkably stable.

2. Haven't tried them on serious hard pack yet. I am sure they would not be anyone's first choice for a steady diet of ice. But I don't doubt that they will be competent if necessary.

3. I am surprised that such a big ski will make such nice carved turns. They cheerfully make any kind of turn, large or small.

4. I am 5'10" tall and weigh 150 lbs. I expect these will be my daily drivers, the middle ski in a three ski quiver. I haven't skied the Bones, so I cannot compare them. I am sure those are great skis too. But I would think anyone in the market for a 98 width ski would be happy with these.


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