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2011 backcountry stoke - Page 4

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June 18th, skiing from 10,000 ft.  Almost summer skiing on Red Lake Peak this morning


Headed up from the top of Carson Pass on the melted southwest ridge, to ski the north facing bowls

Red Lake Peak 003.JPG


Yeah, one more time!  Cool pic.


I just got back from a trip to the Tetons where we got hammered by mach winds up on the Grand and bailed early due to a shredded tent and iced snow.  But here are a couple pics from 6/16:





Love that place, even when it kicks my ass...which it mostly does.

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I've been missing for a while - far too busy this month, it's been insane - but here are a couple from the AM.  Absolutely amazing how much snow is still up there.  100cm at the heli-ski's snow stake, which blows my mind.


Left the trailhead at 6A, which was good for north aspects.  I'm thinking east will require leaving the trailhead at 4:30AM.  I started hiking on snow just after leaving my car.  DIdn't bother to skin up, the snow was frozen.  Think I'm going to need to fit my regular crampons to my ski boots and leave the skins at home.


Lots and lots of running water.







Mt. Fitzgerald, probably a camping destination this time of year.  Otherwise I'd have to leave my truck at midnight to get decent skiing conditions.






Lake Peak, Wines Peak, Castle Lake.  This shot looks south-ish along the Ruby Crest Trail.  I'm thinking it's going to be a snow tour for a while yet.






Today's destination, one of the Liberty Chutes into the Lake Shot.  I probably should have chosen one of the chutes skier's left, this one was still pretty icy.  It was cooked below so waiting it out really wasn't an option.






Sweet Thing lived up to its name, though.



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Still looks good, & pretty clean :)


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Nice Sue!  Glad that you could get out and post those pictures.  

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Yeah, I'm glad I got out too.  May and June are always ridiculously busy months for me work-wise, and this year my husband's working in Argentina so I also had all of the ranch stuff to do.  Zero time for anything other than work, including no housekeeping, no gardening, no lawn mowing, no laundry...  I'm finally through the gauntlet and, lo and behold, Ma Nature kept some snow around for me.  cool.gif

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I don't know how many times I have said I am done for the season, but as soon as I put my stuff away I get pulled back in.


Had a couple of fun days recently that the folks around here call patch skiing.


7-14 with Trekchic, philpug, Dsloan, Dookey & Stev

Forestdale skiing 008.JPG


Booting up for another lap.



The snow was smoother than it looks.




7-18 Stev & I hit another zone called the Nipple.

The Nipple 067.JPG


Our first lap had some great views above Lost Lakes & to the back of Roundtop.

The Nipple 041.JPG


First turns on the upper patch.



Back up Stev gets ready to drop into the strip you can see to the right of the peak in the top photo.

The Nipple 050.JPG


Slowing down for the choke.



& a little rock slalom



before the bottom.




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Right on!  Rough looking crew though.  wink.gif

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