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2011 backcountry stoke

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Might be time to revive one of the better thread concepts here.  From the other (bluebird) day:


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Very stokalicious.   :D  Looks like you were in misery!


I was shooting video yesterday... don't know what I have yet but if I can turn it into something worthwhile I'll post up.  Conditions were ridiculously challenging so I am not sure how it'll turn out.


From Wednesday:





Couple of weeks ago... my dog opted for running down my uptrack rather than wallow through the snow:



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Glad to see this thread.


Hopefully I can add some stuff as my BC season kicks in about a month from now.  Stable early season conditions allowed me some good sidecountry action though.


J. Pierre 002.JPG


J. Pierre 009.JPG


.com 004.JPG




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From Quandry peak this weekend








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2/1/11: Deer Creek off of Coal Bank Pass


Twilight Peak.jpg


Skin Track.jpg




Deer Creek-Chris.jpg


Deer Creek-Chris-2.jpg





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Originally Posted by mountaingirl1961 View Post






Whoa!  Awesome.  




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Light was ridiculously flat today, so pics aren't up to standard.


Skiing was well above standard, verging on epic.  


Every turn a face shot today, with amazingly light snow:







Dave cleaning powder out of his ears.  It ended up everywhere.





It was snowing with enthusiasm when we left, more tomorrow.  biggrin.gif

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Still fluffy up there yesterday... I didn't take this picture, the gentleman in Friday's fluffy pics did.  Nice, huh?





A couple more from yesterday:






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You definitely live in a snow globe.

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I took my first non lift assisted tour since last fall this morning.  Just working the bugs out so I am ready when the lifts shut down.  Skinned for a couple of hours on Cutler Ridge till the wind tried to blow me off & the light started going flat.


Pictures are scenic as this was a solo mission.  The light wasn't great, so I didn't even get any signature track shots.  The snow was perfect with a couple of inches of fresh over smooth corn, if you can imagine that.


Starting out on the groomed Nordic trail made for easy access & a good warm up.

Cutler Ridgte 001.JPG


Up through the Aspens

Cutler Ridgte 002.JPG


till I got above the scrub.

Cutler Ridgte 003.JPG


Skyline from the ridge.

Cutler Ridgte 006.JPG


Looking back after returning to the car.

Cutler Ridgte 011.JPG




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It's great to see what you guys and gals can accomplish. Keep em coming.

A 62 Y. O. newbie hucking in the Montana, or was it Idaho?, back country. My smile was as wide as anyone on the boardyahoo.gif




Did a unique, 5 day ski trip on the Idaho Montana border with my son that included some BC adventure


A TR in pictures




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Uphill stoke.  Picture of me taken yesterday:


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Stoked to get out with Do Work and see TC back on snow after  his injury and the whole Soli quest boot debacle

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^Noice, SFB!  Cool tree sneak around 1:40.  

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I know that song...



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This was a short little saturday afternoon jaunt, 2 hours max, obvious gully leads from cleared powerline easement to the goods.  Crevasses are pretty easy to negotiate this time of year.  Video?

Yes, Video.

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Hmmm, Nice!

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Wednesday morning

Boarder hiway 004.JPG



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The weather came in and stoped us from skiing this yesterday afternoon.  Still nice to drink a beer and look at it from the top hoping the weather would clear.captains chair



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I hear you about hoping the weather will clear.  It's been cold windy and rainy/snowy here all week.  Which is just as well, I tweaked my knee last weekend at Alta, probably just as well I'm not out there making it work.


Thanks for the stoke, all - will post up when I'm back out there, hopefully next week.

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Feel better soon, Sue.
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Skin season begins smile.gif !


This mornings tracks:

Ridge tracks 013.JPG



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I have a quick video from a few weeks ago. 

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What, the dog didn't get billing in the credits?  He had to work much harder than you.  I bet he had more fun too.



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Hahaha, he did get billing in the credits.  My dog's name is Cody!

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I got to do a great one on Saturday April 23rd.  Dragon's Tail Couloir off of Flattop in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was a nice way to take advantage of the free entrance fee.


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Dragons tail looks classic!^


Nothing as ambitious for me, but my first tour since arriving in Tahoe on Sunday, brought some beautiful weather if not the greatest snow.


Caught up with a group on the approach, but they were taking a different route:

Private Austria Tahoe AT day 1 010.JPG


Over the ridge & into one of my favorite valleys:

Private Austria Tahoe AT day 1 012.JPG


Big Blue:

Private Austria Tahoe AT day 1 021.JPG


My silent amphitheater:

Private Austria Tahoe AT day 1 033.JPG


& down toward the bottom:

Private Austria Tahoe AT day 1 038.JPG




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JF- Weather looks nice indeed!  What was the snow like? and where did you go? 

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