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Are shorter skis ok?

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I'm a teenage girl, 5'7" 130lbs. and a very aggressive and advanced skier. I just ordered a pair of K2 Missbehaved skis and I am very excited for them to arrive! The problem is, I ordered the 159 length, and my friends are telling me I should've ordered the 169s because of my height. The crappy skis I have been skiing on are Rossignol RocX size 150, and I was afraid to make too big of a jump in length. Could someone please reassure me that the 159s were the better choice?

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The 159s are the better choice for your weight and height.

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Originally Posted by norway3317 View Post
Could someone please reassure me that the 159s were the better choice?

Sure!  They were the right choice.  


As you get more advanced though, I would look at moving up a size.  You're probably going to start to feel hindered by the length of them, so the next ski you buy should probably be taller.  


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how would i feel hindered by the length?


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Stability if you're really charging hard.  IMHO, always better to make an error on the short side.  Too long car feel like 2x4's and need 40 mph to start working.

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If you leave holes instead of tracks when you ski powder they are kinda short. If you get 30 feet or more between porpose you will find most  powder skis short.

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You will like them just fine. I'm your size an d would pick the same 159 length
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thanks guys. actually, i exchanged them for the 169s but thanks anyway!

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I'll go against the grain here and support your exchange. My wife is 5 lbs heavier than you, skis a much stiffer 88 mm in a 168, is also aggressive advanced. You'd have hit the envelope fast with a 159...


Put another way, IMO women tend to go too short and men tend to go too long...eek.gif

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Were you happy with the move? In general it seems eople outgrow their skis quickly, especially when you are literally still growing.

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I think you did the right thing by exchanging them for the 169s, especially since the K2 Missbehaved is a powder ski and it would go against the point to buy a short powder ski. Also it has a rocker which makes it feel shorter than it is when skiing on hard snow. I myself am shorter than you are and I ski a 172cm long ski. 

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