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all mountain east ski?

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Ok, I have been skiing for about a year and a half now and have never owned my own pair of skis. 

For a little background, I live in pennsylvania and ski mostly at seven springs due to the fact that it is the closest resort. 

Also, I am about 6 ft and 170lbs.  I am looking for a good all mountain ski that will help me excel my skiing ability.  

I always rented 170's this year, I would've liked to go higher but they only had them in intervals of 10. 

I have been researching for a while but i am completely clueless on what to get. 

I kinda want the versatility of a twin tip but it is not needed. 

I want a ski that will be stable at high speeds and can carve on ice well. 

If you guys have any suggestion it would be much appreciated. 

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I just picked upa pair of Blizzard Magnum 7.6's from Philpug at Starthaus and absolutely love them. They are wonderful at all turn shapes and will make learning and progressing a treat. Very easy to ski and are very forgiving. If you are more interested in venturing off piste than on mostly groomers than a wider waisted ski may be more in order.They might suggesting something more beefy as I am only 5'7 add 155 but I just thought I would share my thoughts on this particular ski.I am sure there will be plenty of opinions thrown your way,use them to your advantage.    Dave

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Last year I bought K2 Apache Raider... awesome ski! Extremely forgiving, not stiff, works good enough in fresh snow and can tear up all kinds of conditions. I'm 5'6", bought them for the future so they are 163. My apache's are my favorite skis in all conditions.


If you get a chance and have $$$ to spend, look into a Salomon BBR demo day and to purchase one. I demoed it and loved it.

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 ^ all good skis.

in the same class is the Fischer Motive 76.  it wasn't even on my radar until demo day at HV in ellicottville.  i tried alot of other skis and some did better in certain areas, but this ski did everything well.  when it came to buying them, noone stocked these skis; i had to order them special from my local shop.  i'm an advanced/expert eastern skier and intermediate/advanced western powder skier and these did real well at Wolf Creek in January, so i can definately say that these have powder prowess.  good luck.

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