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What's the Differance?

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I'm curious as too what the differance is between a skinny ski and a midfat ski? When is one better than the other (except for the obvious, that a wider ski is better in deep powder.) And what is the differance between a soft ski and a hard ski, and when would it matter? Is there an index to flexibility, a rating of sorts? I skied the Head xp40 and found it to be to flexible, I was skiing on hard snow. I did'nt have as much control it seemed. Reading everyones advice is helping me determine what kind of skier I am and what kind of ski I am looking for, Thanks everyone! Tina
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Generally a Midfat ski has as you said more float in powder but they also are better at busting through crud (chopped up snow,
snow piles) than a ski that are narrower. A ski that has a narrower waste (center part of ski) generally have better hold on ice
and hard pack snow. As far as flex goes, generally a stiffer ski is better at higher speeds but you don't want to buy a ski that is to stiff for you to flex while skiing. So it depends on how much you weight and how aggressively you ski. There isn't any flex
index chart that I know of but generally a ski that is rated as a higher performance ski will be stiffer than a ski that is made for an intermediate skier. Most web sites of the manufacturers say rite on there web sites who a particular ski is made for, I.E.: this ski is for experts or this ski is for intermediates. The expert ski will be stiffer than the intermediate ski.The best way to see what ski you will like the most is to demo them first but if that's not possible read all you can such as the buyers guides from SKI and Skiing magazine to help you decide but demoing is the best way to go.
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Thanks for the advice and help, appreciate it! Tina
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Hi Tina,

I hope you checked this thread again, because the Volant Vertex Power may be a ski worth taking out for a demo. It will give you all the characteristercs of a mdfat ski, and yet be suitable for the goomed.

If still available, they will soon want to sell down all their stock to move them so the pricing could be very favorable.

Volant will be coming out with a new design next season.
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