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Where to go in Lake Tahoe

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Hello forum,

This is my first post here, so please bear with me. I just got to make my first day trip to Lake Tahoe and went to Heavenly. Unfortunately, I found my day here rather boring. I felt like I spent all of my time traversing and waiting forever in lift lines trying to move around the mountain. The incredibly expensive ticket and ski rentals didn't help my mood, either.

While at Heavenly, I got a few runs in at Mott Canyon (Snake Eyes in particular), and enjoyed that tremendously. I tend to enjoy bowl skiing with a bit of a more down to earth environment. Think Alta or Snowbird.

Do any similar resorts exist in Lake Tahoe? Where would you go to try again for amazing terrain?

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Down to earth, I'd say Homewood or Sugarbowl.

Amazing terrain, most would say Squaw although I have never been there on a good powder day, with most of my best Tahoe days being at Heavenly when Mott & Kilabrew have the goods.


For a combo of the two, probably Kirkwood although I have yet to ski Alpine Meadows.

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.02 from a outsider: Alpine rocks. down to earth with plenty of challenging terrain.  Open bowl skiing too. loved that place.  

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Mount Rose has a very non-resort/down to earth atmosphere and some very challenging terrain.  The chutes area is similar to  Mott Canyon and the area has some very good mid week deals.

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I've heard about Mount Rose, but it is unfortunately hard to access for those of us who live in the Bay Area ... no busses go there and it's the furthest destination away. Will have to get there at some point, though.

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