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Just looked at 2nd vid. Very general comments as each skier has own style but people asked any country tendancy and I observe the following.


Canada- playful, slight counter with tendancy to flex down at turn end.

Germany- little movement into turn, tend to be flex turns as hips stay back

Sweden- Full body rotation

Switzerland- tail push heavy finish

France- bent at waist heavy pressure with full body tipping


I prefered the Canda skiing over all others.




These are good and correct observations. Good work. My vote for best skiing goes to switzerland.


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Don't kid yourselves... generally this is all hot skiing and differences are due to the different skiers not different nations. They are all humans and this will define the technique ( As opposed to say, polar bears who use four skis )(... but only two per turn).

The basic struggle is with F = ma ... and their form's react to the physics. World cup comparisons are good if non-world-cup skiers are approaching the F, m or a, part of the equation, or pulling off 'similar body shapes' - but come on - the WC dudes are averaging 50-60 mph in an average GS and sure will look different. They are not human.

Few instructors ski at the energy levels even of these interski dudes.

Language-terms and marketing is where most of the energy in Interski and national level ski teaching goes. Which leads into the next point... Fat skis.

If the person using a fat has never railed an SL or GS or 70mm carving ski and they spend most of their time on a fat - they will be doomed to intermediate hell for their time in 'ski-hobby'.      If they have achieved some competence on a real ski - then they know what they are missing.

I would like to see these interrski guys on Rossi S7's or Bent Chetlers  - can you picture that ? The contortions of international ski teachers - all wearing Yo' pants in big green and yellow plaids with current Park poles that are from mid-thigh to puddled, ripped, pants, in length... and gapper helmets.

Sure you can teach someone to get around on pontoons or spats - but that sure as hell is not real skiing .

Why is it not real sking ? Because you loose the top part of the turn... the inclination phase is fried.

You only get the fall-line and out-of-the fall-line on a poorly designed ski.

On adult skis you get to use phases 1, 2  and 3... And the top part of the turn - the inclination phase -  is what makes advanced skiing real.

So UNLESS IT IS KNEE DEEP SHMOO OR CRUSTY DAY-OLD,  rip up the boot-top-freshies on your GS boards.. Get the sl's or race-carvers out in the bumps.

Ski instructors do not ski in Deep Shmoo nor crusty day old.

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