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My ideal ski... dujour

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OK so here is what I absolutely need or else. I need a twin tip ski with a 10/20 front  if its less then 20 cm I'm OK with that..

On side cut specs  I'm not all that picky a radius of 20 to 27m  would be ideal, longer is fine, shorter not so much.

Width anywhere from about 80 to 87 but I'm willing to give on both ends.

Flex?  Well, they’ll spend at least about 35% in eastern bumps so  probably  as little metal as possible.

Park? Nahhh, just some jumps on piste and some switch and that’s about it.

Off piste? It depends maybe 15 to 25 percent of the time and that would probably be mostly packed relatively easier glades.

Groomers?  As long as they can do some carving  I'll be OK if I want to dig trenches I got other skis.

OK so does anyone make such an instrument, or something close to it ?

I appreciate your help because I really want to avoid that dreaded "else!"


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Really? No one makes such a thing?


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what length? how much youz weigh?

what are you usin now ???

bash and crash or finesse?


many above low 20's radius may have some metal...

for spring mush or general winter ski ???


pretty thin stock levels out there in skishopland...

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Line P90?

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Hey Moreoutdoor currently have a small quiver consisting of rx8, gs12 sl12 and rossi mogul lengths are from 171 ( I think the rossi) to 191. Length for this one; I guess 174 to 186 should be  good.  I weigh in at about 200-205 depending on dinner.

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Oh yeah I would like it to be a general winter ski but yeah spring mush is something none of my current skis do all that well in.

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Wow great rec. , the P90, I tell you they don't have the rocker ( do they?) but I have yet to read anything bad about them....

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well, iff'n I was skiin back east again, and I was 200 lbs....

I'd still prefer some reasonable length, with a middlin flex, as opposed to shorter and stiffer.

always found that length helps smooth a ride and shorter stiff makes for a choppy jam thru bumps - tough on the old knees...


aside from the Dynastars, Bliz, Volkls, and Kastles you read alot about here

I think I;d wanna try the Rossi S86 (not a TT) and a Solli Lord ( a TT) and if width was no object, and based on some fun on high 90's skis, the S3 (TT) would be wortha  spin around the block.

since they're all have some 'rise', they'll prolly be plenty easy for steep and tight.

courrse they'd be 185/186 since anything in the 170's would be unfun.

not sure about Fischers, maybe a motiv 84 in the low 180s

maybe an Elan apex also...

atomic panic - comes a little shorter

don;t really have a feel for skis from Icelantic, Line or some others, even though they may make some good stuff.

upcoming new skis - Bliz Bushwacker

K2s are out, plenty enough skis that I don;t need more chinese stuff - OH!, I'm sorry... hardly...

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Thank you moreoutdoor.

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wanted to add a nordica...

tried and liked the old afterburner (in 178) a lot, but just felt too short for me... flex was right (even) though with just a touch of tail to help pop the turn.


not sure what the current 'version' of that is, but whatever works like it, but in mid-180's length...

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Did you ski the solly lords at all?

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did not...

But did have a ski buddy, whom I respect for his 'awarenes' use them back in late Jan, when Mammoth was mostly scratchy,hard off-piste and heavily groomed off-piste.

We took a few runs down the side of Huevos and Dave's which were both teeth-rattlin hard that day, with old bumps...

I was on my Fischer Cold Heats, he was on Lords. He was in less pain and anxiety than I...

I had plenty of edge, but drivin my Heats thru the bumps was obviously more of a chore.

later in the day, we hit more bump sections on old, harder groomers, he got thru better ... I complained more (to myself...)

he was stoked on them - now that you remind me, I'll have to find out where he got the demos...

He's younger, by about 15 yrs, but that's just not acceptable.

...I'm gonna try some Lords (185), next chance I decide I want to demo...

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Got it , I tell you I am really leaning towards them and I'l have to buy them sight unseen/ and untried. BTW  I can relate to the pain of the Heats in bumps. I have a 2 season old shoulder injury from that. Drive your skis into the trough says Dan Piro.,, airborne you go says Fisher RX8

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So after winning and then not getting a pair of Lords on Ebay, I ended up getting what  really wanted anyway a pair of Dynastar Distorters in 185cm. So now to bindings, I'm leaning towards Grifon Schitzo or Jester Schitzo, to try and make these as close to a one quiver Eastern ski as possible. Any thoughts on the bindings are again greatly appreciated.

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BTW, there is no "t" in Schizo.  Look at the specs for these bindings on Marker's website and you will answer your own question.

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Haaa, correcting spelling on an internet forum.

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