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Head Skis - Who sells them? Where are they?

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It appears to me that deals can be had on many brands and types of skis . . . except for Head. They seem to be rare as hens' teeth. Forget deals, how about availability?

I've managed just now to snag some Rossis in the size I want and at a fair price - though I'll admit that the size seems to be mostly sold out and I got one of the last two pair I could locate. But Heads? Nyet! Nein! uh uh!

As I've posted before, I'm looking for a good deal on a pair of 170 cm Head Monster iM 70 Super Railflex with Tyrolia bindings that go with it. I have not ONE SINGLE NIBBLE for the product as described.

So, tell me - I want to know: What is it with Head?
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Head has the European market cornered and could really care less about the US market. I've been in search of MoJos for about 2 months now with no luck. I believe that Canadian internet sites might be your best bet to find those Monsters...
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I had similar problems trying to locate Head's WC race stock GS. I solved the problem by getting the California Head rep through my daughter's race coach....called the rep and he knew which California and Nevada shops had what product and sizes in inventory. He was nice enough to provide a referral to the shop and I negotiated a deal with the shop owner over the phone. So, it can be done but you need to be creative....check with the Head rep for your region. You can call Head/Tyrolia USA at 800.874.3235 and ask for the rep name and phone number.

Good luck. David


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I will call you at the office tomorrow I may have a line on some for you. I have to check in the morning. I will be picking up some Head skis to demo over the weekend.

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Whistler Village Sports had them onsale in February before the big snows came. Try them at 604-932-3327.
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In New Hampshire Rodgers Ski Outlet Lincoln NH 03251 (603)-745-8347
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Oboe- Both the Basin Ski Shop at Killington (422 3234) and Sports Odyssey in Ludlow (228 2001) have the IM70 with the Railflex setup in a 170 on sale as of today. If neither of those works out, drop me a line, as I may have another option available.
Good luck
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Thanks, all! As it turned out, Powdigger led me to his "secret stash", and the Head Monster iM 70 Railflexes are on the way to my door. Thanks, Powdigger!

The indefatigable EpicSki network - WORKS! AGAIN!
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Hey congrats Oboe! You know, you're probably better offf without the chip anyway... this way, if things go bad with Saddam or North Korea, you won't have to worry about the electromagnetic pulse ruining your edge grip
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Anytime my friend. Glad I could help. Ski them in good health.

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Oboe, et al.

It pays to read all the way down the page; I was about to reply, because I had lunch with the Head rep today, but I now see you have your happy ending.

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The shop at Big White in British Columbia had a good selection of Monsters and Tyrolia bindings. BigWhite.com
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