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Salomon Falcon CS, 1/09 Head Monster 82, 1/09.  Bought both Jan 09, boots first.  Initially had no problems but started to note sore feet, particularly after skiing hard-pack.  Started more after buying new skis.  Replaced orthotics with another brand, slightly softer, and unsuccessfully tried to obtain softer foot-board from Salomon.  Still get soreness on entire surface of bottoms of feet, like they've been beaten with a rubber hammer.  Although boots still #1 suspect, could it be the ski?  When I first got the boots, I was on a somewhat narrower ski (Rossi RPM90) and don't recall having this issue.  No problems on softer groomers, bumps, powder, etc.  Only other mod was shim on outside of upper liner to cant the cuff out a little. ("Cuff canting" - poor man's boot sole planing).


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