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The art of flight

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I did a search for this and im surprised this hasn't been posted here....


yes it's a single planker's wet dream (and this is a double planker forum)...but I think this represents where snowsport film is headed; big budgets, incredible filmatography and access to some serious high end shooting equipment for those slow mo sequences...




(the art of flight)

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That's some serious filmatography!



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crazziness, you see the dude that just chucks the sled, wish I could do that...

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SNIT!  How did they do some of that stuff?  Amazing.

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I wanna be Travis Rice. frown.gif

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Beautiful filming, reminds me of "Kandid Kamera" filming...

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I like when the guy grinds on what looks like to be a lift. These guys are crazy!

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WOW, that's great filming and I like the mixture of the smooth slow motion footage too.


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Just saw this video on Netflix for the first time and I must say wow. Even if I'm not a snowboarder, that is downright impressive filmography. 

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I remember watching this when it first came out. Sooooo amazing. 

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