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In order to keep pace with the ungodly bar tabs I racked up at Whistler, Im going to unload my Volkl Supersport 5 Stars ... They are seriously the most fun ski Ive ever been on, and I really dont want to do this, but I need cash now and I can buy another pair next year when I have more cash. The are equipped with the motion 1200 binding system (I know theres alot of hate thats been floating around about marker bindings... Ive never had a problem with these, so I really dont understand the anger). The condition is great, there are scuffs/scratches on the base, but nothing you can feel when you rub your hand over (jusy one small groved nic half the size of a dime below the middle. I skied on them only about 8 times total since I bought them and the topsheet is perfect. Oh yea, the size is 161. Im looking to get around $450 for them, but I will entertain ANY and ALL offers. Im going to throw them up on ebay too in a few days if no one responds. G'head, whatcha waitin for??