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Head Raptor RD & RS lasts

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Is the heel pocket on the RD narrower than the heel pocket on the RS? I would assume it is since the RD is a narrower boot last but wanted to know if this in fact was the case. My forefoot at the widest point measures when traced with a sock on 85 mm.


I have narrow heels but "pump bumps" which makes me even have to grind in that area on the RS last. Really don't feel any slop in the front of the boot on the 98 RS but I'm thinking that a slightly narrower fit with the RD would even be better. I think one of the reasons for the good fit in the RS is I have a Superfeet Kork bed which I think takes up a lot of room.


On my last trip west came back with the skin ripped off the "pump bump". My heel pocket feels pretty snug and I can flex aggressively and my heel doesn't move out of the heel pocket. Because of this, I don't think I'm rubbing back there in the heel area because the heel pocket is loose. I got some relief at SBF Vail with an on the hill grind in that aea but the damage had already been done so its hard to tell if that fixed things.



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RD is narrower everywhere.



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depending on the size of your foot that is a very narrow foot, if it is a 23 or 24 then the RD may be fine but if much bigger then it may even be worth considering a 92mm last like the atomic STi or the Lange world cup boot in a softer flex 


the RD is as Lou says  narrower all over then the RS last, you will probably struggle to get your kork bed into the RD or the other narrower lasts, that said i have one client who skis in an old (now) lange RL11 shell with a kork bed and a zip fit Grand prix liner....she is an exception!!!!


(not actually sure how she stays upright her feet are that skinny)

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Thanks everybody. I note your comments about width and going narrower. Regarding shell size(length) skiing a 27 mondo (311 BSL) and my foot measured 273 mm. Do you think then a 27 shell is the right size for length? Thanks.

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