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What to wear under a DH suit?

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Hi, I recently got my first DH suit and it fits ok, not too bad to get in and out of etc...but...


Theres really no elegant way to say this...I'm pretty conscious that my gear is clearly visible for the full viewing pleasure of any innocent bystander.  It's worse than a speedo because the center seam forces everything to the left or right.  Do guys where a jock strap or some other packing to effectively conceal what should only be seen by your close friends :-)  Usually I just wear boxers.





I feel dirty now, please go easy on me...


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Ha ha ha.  If you think race suits are bad, put on a pair of bike shorts with nothing on underneath.  I wear compression shorts, tights, and a poly t-shirt.  Sometimes a turtleneck.  That's it....



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well played  :-)

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I wear two compression gold-gear UnderArmour thermal bottoms under my GS suit.  With all the compression of that, the suit, and the cold, nothing can be seen too much.  There is the convex protrusion of flesh, but it is just as appropriate at the slight dual-bulges in a woman's thoracic region.  Think about it... do you really care that much how much a lady's mammary glands would visibly bulge from her race suit?  I wouldn't.


I've wondered about the issue, though things could be awkward either way, but at some point you just have to stop caring/thinking about what other people will think when regarding your pelvic region.


The first time I wore my GS suit I felt a little naked... since then I've gotten used to it, and really don't care about the issue that much.

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I wear two layers of undergarments expedition weight and medium weight under it.  I sometimes also wear padded shorts.   All that coupled with the tightness of the suit pretty much flattens my equipment to the point where it is not like an anatomy lesson.   I also wear training over-shorts when I go into the lodge or when I am done racing for the day.   Now if I were to go commando as they call it, then things would get interesting...but seeing as I would be freezing and that things tend to retract, I don't know who would feel more uncomfortable me or those around me.



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My basic setup:



- C9 wicking sports briefs

- CWX 3/4-length compression tights

- Castelli lycra knee warmers (cycling wear that I only break out if it's really cold.

- Smartwool race-weight ski socks (knee-high, so no gap between the tights and the sock tops)




- Descente or Castelli singlet tank (again cycling wear - great for everything skiing, too)

- Under Armor or Layer 8 long-sleeve compression top (if over 20°F), or Craft windbreak-front long-sleeve top (if less than 20°F or very windy)

- Zip-neck mock turtleneck made of wicking fabric (depending on temperature, really) or Spyder stealth padded top (if skiing a lot of GS for the day)


I tend to interweave the tucking-in of layers to create a flexible baffle against drafty bits - again, a tactic used in cycling.


Looking for a back protector for next year that I'll wear for everyday skiing, as well.

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