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Squeaky Bindings

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I posted a thread in Ski Gear Discussion a few weeks back about an issue I'm having with my Marker Jesters.  I have two pairs (one mounted to S7s the other to Sultan 85s) and both squeak loudly whenever there's is any pressure on the ski (turns, bumps etc).  The response I received in the other thread suggested that maybe it was the plastic in the bindings flexing, but now I'm not so sure. I also contacted Marker and they claim to have never heard of Jesters that make squeaking nosies before.


From the research I've done, there seems to be some similar problems out there.  I think the most likely culprit maybe some play between the toe pieces and my boots (Dalbello Surge, 110 flex, 2 season and about 40 days old, not much wear).  There seems to be some Dalbello models that have issues interfacing with Royal Family bindings, but I couldn't find anything on this specific model. 


I'm currently running DIN at 9, but may bump it up a little as I've had a couple of pre-release adventures that I'd prefer not to repeat.  Forward pressure settings on both sets of bindings are spot on.  I've had a machine test of both bindings performed by a reputable shop (Northern Ski Works at Killington) and both tested fine.


Has anyone else had this issue?  Anyone know how to address it?  If the bindings function properly, I guess I can live with it.  At least people will be able to hear me coming!


In case it helps, here's a short video in which you can hear the squeaking.



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Yes, my girlfriend has a brand new pair of Marker Jesters and we have checked all the setting and screws and sometimes they just start to squeak... loudly.  The boot seems in tightly so we're rolling with it for now, but it is annoying when your rolling through soft, silent powder and all you here is that squeak.  I can't believe that Marker has not heard of this.  As soon as I searched it "marker jester" popped up immediately for squeaky skis.

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well your video is "private" and i cant see it. however ive notice alot of bindings of all makes and models, sometimes creak/squeak when on our calibration machine and under load. ive noticed that alot of the newer markers, like the jesters, get alot of creaking in the toe piece just prior to release when under tension on our machine more than any other brand. but again, i cant see your video so i have no way to confirm the noises are similar.

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