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Topsheet damage repair

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I could not believe it. nonono2.gif


I finished waxing my skis and leaned the second ski on my workbench next to the first ski. which was next to my pair of Sultan 94s. As I walked away, said ski slid, knocked over its brother and then the pair knocked over the Sultans and then on to the floor.


Pair A were fine, but not so one of the Sultans.




I suspect the damage was caused by a ski edge


So what is the best way to repair this? Mrs5150 suggested clear nail polish or some kind of Urethane. I didn't see any wood or metal in the wound. The damage is about the thickness of that dime. I can live with the cosmetics, but want to insure that moisture doesn't get into the core.


I did clean up the wound with a razor. It was a flap of topsheet, which I carefully trimmed

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nail polishes tend to be acrylic, which do not flex well.   urethanes flex better.   



... and make yourself a skis-being-worked-on stand/rest, or one of those above-the-bench skis-being-worked-on racks, eh?

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Thanks for both peices of advice.



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Superglue can work for small repairs, but the better option is Urethane/Epoxy.

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