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Between Jr and Adult skis???

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Coming up to the end of the season sales and looking for a pair of skis for my 11yr old son.  He's currently just over 5ft and about 90lbs.  He's a very good and aggressive skier and spends most of time with me and other adults skiing blacks and double-blacks and all over the mtn in the Canadian Rockies. 


I think if I was to get him a ski right now it would probably be the Volkl Gotama Junior's 148cm (seems like the best ski/size for the what he needs/likes right now, but they are nowhere to be found at this point in the year -- anyone have a used pair they've out grown?).  I'm also thinking that by next year he will be a few inches taller and a few pounds heavier and that may not be the ski and size that will best suite him to help take his skiing to the next level.  What do you do for a skier that is in between the Jr and Adult skis?  Look to a Ladies ski?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Feel free to point out specific skis if you know of others that would be good to look at and/or try?  Thanks!

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Went through the same thing last year with my son who was 16, an expert skier in every respect (better than me), but small for his age at 5'2" 120 Lbs. None the less, he'd outgrown junior equpment both in size and ability and so began the quest for his first pair of adult skis. Among the things we learned were:


1) There aren't all that many mens skis that come in lengths under 160, and for those that do, the short lengths are really hard to find.


2) His ideal length was 155 +/- 3 cm and any non-twintip ski over that size was too much ski for him (if short lengths are hard to find for purchase, demos are virtually non-existant, so he tried the smallest length available)


3) Womens skis might have been an option, but the graphics were just too "girly" (a longtime complaint of my daughter I should add). He wouldn't even demo them.


4) Adult skis are much more expensive than junior skis


I hunted around online and ultimately found a used pair of Dynastar 8000's in 158 for around $350 which will fill the bill for a couple of years (he's still growing, albeit slowly).


Your son is younger and smaller than mine was; unless he puts on 20 or 30 Lbs between now and next season, most junior skis around 150cm length should be just fine.


I'd suggest you look online at places like Evogear, Levelnine, and Powder7. All carry a pretty good mix of new and used equipment.


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Two ideas:


First if he is a solid skier doing double blacks, then going to say 155 wont be an issue.  That might open up more options.


Second, if you know the ski you want, dont limit yourself to Alberta, get online and call the shops in the Okanagan, Revy, Golden, Fernie, Whistler, Vancouver...if they have the skis they will ship them to you.  You might have to pay 30 or 40 bucks for shipping, but you'll get your skis.

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any thoughts of trying a k2 rocker ski that skis shorter than actual length

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These are great thoughts -- thanks for your input. Can't seem to see info on the Dyanstar 8000's what is the current model of it?  Ya, I've been looking all over (REI, EVO Levelnine as well as shops) skidude72 problem is, basically any skis under 160 are usually park skis and we don't spend much time there aside from going off a few flotters -- My saying is "If you can't ski with the big dogs... stay in the park" and he mostly skis with the big dogs smile.gif so looking for a good all mountain that is why I thought the Shoguns...   mtebor - what K2 rockers were you thinking of?  That may not be a bad idea but like garylk said -- tuff to find demo's to test.  Anyone have models to suggest?

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Dynastar replaced the 8000 with the Sultan 80 and Sultan 85. Both come in 158 but neither is the same ski as the 8000, particularly this year when they introduced a rockered tip.


Keep in mind that in addition to length, you need to consider his ability to bend the ski. Adult skis tend to have beefier construction than junior skis (a big reason for the price differential), and some could be a little stiff for a 90-100 Lb skier.


FYI - I'm no expert on skis, but offer this advice based on having 2 lightweight kids. My daughter, 4 years older than my son is 5'2" and didn't crack 100 Lbs until she was 19. Girly graphics and all, at least (most) womens skis were viable options.


You might think about subscribing to realskiers.com. I think it's $25 per year, will give you specs on skis from all the major brands for the past 10 years along with some pretty good reviews/descriptions that for the most part, I've found spot on. Pete Keelty who runs the site will answer questions from subscribers and has given me some helpful advice over the years.

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I am going through this with my boy. He is 11 now and about 90+ lbs. He is an excellent skier and can ski pretty much anything.


Last year when he was 10, he skied K2 Bad Seeds (85 waist) in a 149 length most of the year. Great ski (wood core). http://www.backcountry.com/k2-bad-seed-alpine-ski-kids


Last spring, I picked up some Line Prophet Flites in a 158 length on clearance. They are 90 at the waist. http://www.evo.com/outlet/skis/line-prophet-flite-2010.aspx


This year he skis the K2s on harder days and the Lines on soft snow days.


He loves the Lines. They are softer than the regular prophet series (no metal), but same construction (wood core).


Plan for next year: the Lines for everyday and a rockered powder ski. I'm looking at either a Line EP Pro Shorty, or the Surface Next Time.


K2 makes a rockered kids ski, the Bad Apple, but longest length is 149. I think longest Volkl Gotama JR is 149 as well.

One other option is the Rossi S7 Jr which goes up to 160. One of my son's friends has these and loves them. http://www.backcountry.com/rossignol-s7-pro-freeride-ski-kids


Many of the park specific skis are cheaper and come in shorter adult lengths. I usually buy at REI, evogear or backcountry.com around this time of year when everything is on sale. I have also bought on ebay because many ski shops put their demo skis for sale there at the end of the season.


My philosophy is to buy the next size up and have it available during the season so he can work his way into it. So each ski gets 1.5 to 2 years of use. Then I sell off the old ones after he has completely outgrown it. I have been spending about $300 per year this way, which is alot, but I recoup some $ by selling the old boots and skis. 


Hope that helps. I would not be scared to get a shorter adult ski as long as it is soft flexing. That's why we like the Line flites.

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