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Injury database

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Seems that it would be an interesting to have a chart of the injuries that skiers have experienced through the years.   It might help give some people an idea as to what to watch for, it might give ski industry insiders something to think about, and it is just plain interesting IMHO.   For all the superstitious, it wouldn't be like bragging since there would be no personally identifiable information, just figures.   I typed up an idea for getting started obviously this would have to be worked into some sort of worksheet and there would have to be field and subfields for those who have had many inuries spanning throughout their lives, as well as different gear, conditions etc.  It would also have to be searchable under several different factors otherwise it would be useless.




Age at time of accident

Years skiing

Skier level

Injury (ACL, thumb, shoulder etc.)

How many runs before accident occurred

Ski brand

Type of ski (twin, mid fat, race, etc.)

Din setting


Boot stiffness


Time of day (8-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, night)

General disposition (tired, hung over, well rested, recovering etc.)

Snow conditions (ice, powder etc.)


Weather conditions (Sunny, overcast, etc.)

Type of skiing (free skiing, racing, training, jumping)

Type of trail  (park, race course, off piste, trees, blue, green, etc.)

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To start with, you're probably better off collecting such info from Patrol reports than by using self-reporting.

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Not only can not remember them all; but do not WANT to remember them all!


With all of the bad ones, regardless of the hour of the day, it happened on 'the last run of the day'.

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might be easier to list the parts not injured at some point

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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

To start with, you're probably better off collecting such info from Patrol reports than by using self-reporting.

I don't know about that.  I'm pretty sure none of my injuries made  onto a patrol report; patrol was never involved. 

Early days - minor sprains of knees, groin muscles, thumbs were typical injuries, along with a few cuts and bruises.

With enough experience to build confidence, moved on to  - concussion (knocked myself out for a few seconds), broken wrist (radius), possible broken thumb (never x-rayed), broken ribs, bruised lung.


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