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Volkl Mantra vs. Dynaster Compact 4x4 vs. Blizzard Supersonic IQ

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Hi I've narrowed my search down to 3 skis that I think suit the conditions that I ski:


Volkl Mantra



Dynastar Contact 4x4



Blizzard G-Force Supersonic IQ


Im an east coast skiier usually on piste but I do dabble in the ungroomed glades, as well as mogul runs. East coast mountains also have a lot of variable conditions from ice to groomed to crud so I am looking for a versatile resort-type ski. 


two main factors are speed and versatility. I am okay if something is a little less forgiving as long as if it is tottally rewarding if done right.


Some technical details: skill level on higher end of advanced, 16 years old, 6'0, around 170lbs


If anyone has skied on these skis (or even if you just have general knowledge of the equipment) it would be very helpful if you could point me in the right direction. Note that this will be a one ski quiver and that I plan for it to last a decent amount of years.



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This is an interesting list you've compiled. I'm not familiar with the Dynastar, but the Mantra and G-Force are two pretty different skis. The G-Force is much more of a carving ski - especially with that side cut. The Mantra is more of an all-mountain. I have the Mantras and love them. Like you I ski in the east most often. However, I try to get a trip or two out west a year. That's why I got the Mantras. And I have a multi-ski quiver. For eastern skiing like you're doing, the Blizzards are probably a good choice. The shovel should be wide enough to handle some crud. The narrowness underfoot might be an issue for you depending on how you ski. If you're thinking Blizzard, look at the Magnum line. The 8.1 or 8.7 could be a good way to go.

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I owned and skied the Supersonic in 167cm for two years. Great ski. Should have bought it in the 174cm that I reviewed.


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I own the Mantras and so far they have been an excellent complement to my quiver. The ski is very versatile; it handles like a giant GS ski on the hardback, but much more tank - it busts through any crud and is much more stable. In the deeper snow it doesn't have the same float as say a Gotama or Shogun, but it is not rockered either. It still has exceptional powder performance for its width and construction and I don't hesitate in skiing it in anything shallower than a foot. 

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 Your list has great skis on it (you have good taste!), but they may not necessarily fit your needs if you are looking for a real Eastern OSQ. Do you mean the Dynastar Contact 4x4? There are a lot of reviews and a lot of praise here for that ski.


I don't own but I am an EpicSki junkie and have skied a few skis recently. I spend a good deal of time daydreaming about what skis I would buy for my needs. You have basically two really good front-side carvers with some versatility and one hard-core all-mountain Western ski there in your list. If you are an east coast skier and ski mostly onpiste and are looking for a one ski quiver, and you don't travel West much, I think most here would steer you away from the Mantra. I know I wouldn't be looking at it for my Eastern ski. Similarly, if you want Eastern trees, off piste and bumps, the other two might not be quite versatile enough. Though I'm sure they can handle the other stuff, they are designed to be awesome front-side skis and might not be as much fun if you are planning on expanding your offpiste time. Check out Dawg's, Jim's, and Phil's reviews. You should probably be looking for something in between what you have on your list, somewhere in the high 70s/low-to-mid 80s or up to the new 88s depending on the ski. Based on what you are saying I would prioritize edge hold and stability, but look for enough versatility to be able to have some fun in the bumps and trees and the occasional 6-inch day. As has been mentioned, the Blizzard Magnums would be a great choice. I was on the 8.1 in Aspen and really liked it. I did have it on groomed, crud, in the trees, and in the bumps. You're a young guy so you would probably like it even more. I liked it much more, in retrospect, than the K2 Aftershock I was on in Utah, which I thought I liked at the time. If you have the $ and are looking for a ski to last a long time, the Kastle MX78, LX82, or MX88 would be great (I loved the MX88 in Aspen too, though I think I would want narrower if the majority of my time was going to be on Eastern frontside hardpack). Also check out the buzz on the new Blizzard Bushwacker, which is getting major drool here and is less $. Most people here will tell you to get a good range of choices in the category you need, then demo before you buy, particularly if you are looking for that one magic ski to last you until you are old and boring like me.


Oh by the way, what boot/ski combo are you on now? That also will help the more knowledgeable folks here guide you...

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Let's see-he's a 16 year old kid...the MX88 might be a bit pricey for the average teenager.


haven't skied the Blizzard...I have skied the Mantras and  own the 4x4.


Your mostly on piste East Coast Skier.  


The 4x4 will help you develop better technique, it's a great ski, and if moguls and fairly infrequent glade skiing are all the off-piste demands you're making on this ski it should be fine (that's what I use it for).  


However,  The Mantra will be more versatile.  For powerful skiers (who carve more than skid) it's a pretty great ski.  I never liked it, personally, but I have about 4 friends who swear by it.  I'd recommend skiing it in the 170cm, even at your height as the 177 is a real plank (though, I have some racer friends who love that length). 


Good Luck!

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Ha sorry for the typo on the Dynastar skis, yes I had meant contact :P


Thanks for all the advice so far! It's really appreciated!


Unfortunately the Dynastar Contact 4X4 is out of stock in the height I would need it at (only 165s and below are left).


Unless people happen to know a store in the Montreal area that stocks them those will probably be out of the equation.


I will definitely look at the Magnum line of skis as well as Kastle MX 88 (who knows, its the end of the season and I might get some deals).


Yeah so I am pretty much looking for a great and fast frontside carver with some good versatility in various east coast conditions.


Has anyone heard about or tested the Nordica Fire Arrow 80 XBI CT? It seems to be just what I'm looking for I just can't seem to find a place that sells it :(


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