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180 CRJ

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I have only recently moved to CO, and love the mountains and the Pow-Pow is AMAZING!!! I have the opportunity to scoop up a pair of 180 CRJ's for a great price.  I am 5' 11" and 155lbs, and was wondering if this would be a good powder ski for me.  I currently ride a 176 LibTech NAS, but this ski doesn't have the rocker.  Would these CRJ's work for me? I ride loveland, and am looking for a ski when there is fresh snow.  Thanks in advance for the help!


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Yeah, super-fun skis.  Very slashable in pow, forgiving in bumps due to rocker (for a ski that's 115mm wide), but are fine for cruising the groomers back to the lift due to camber underfoot. Ski relatively true to length in 3D snow, ski a little shorter on groomed.  I just got a deal and have two pairs of them!  09-10 and 10-11.  I'm ~170#s.  This is a screen cap of me in a chaulky Rendezvous Bowl in Jackson Hole this year on the 09-10s.  If anyone wants a pair, let me know. 


Rendevous Bowl.bmp


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For any who are interested, the deal on the CRJ is available to all epicski supporters or anyone else who gets an invite. Feel free to PM me for an invite - but these deals do tend to sell out fast.

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Hope you got the CRJs.  Sold out now.  VCT Turbos and MSPs available. 

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