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Rossignol Squad Sensor 90

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Has anyone skied these boots?  How do they feel/react on the slopes?  I'm an all mountain skier spending most of my time where the good snow is.  I usually mix it up between the back country and mogul runs with the occasional groomer to stretch the legs.  I also just bought a set of the Rossignol Avenger 76 Carbon's and I'm wondering if these are going to be a good combination. 


After hours of trying on boot after boot I finally ended up buying these and got them for 50% off at a year-end clearance sale.  They are super comfortable but that's been when I've been wearing them inside when the temps are warm - I haven't tried them outside yet when the flex is tighter.  To be honest, they are they are the most comfortable boot I’ve ever tried on.  But then again I’ve never owned new boots before.  I’ve always rented demos and at the end of the day my shins/claves would kill me.  So it makes me a tad nervous that the boots fit that good.  I’ve just always had to suck it up and endure that pain and thought that’s the price you have to pay to ski.  But man, if this is what a good boot fitter can do and put you into a boot that feels this good I’m super stoked!


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odds are they are too big, but I hope I'm wrong..

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What did the boot fitter do to the boot to make them so comfortable?



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I don't know think he did anything out of the ordinary other than get me in the right size and right of boot for my skiing.  I was wearing a 29 or a 28.5 when I rented and he put me in a 27.5.  Felt really tight at first but I didn't have to rachet it down to get the fit I wanted like I had to do with the bigger sizes.  That felt great on the shins and that's always what hurt like hell after a day out skiing.  The boot also had a slightly bigger toe box and tighter heal to fight my foot.  Room for the toes and no heal lift is real nice.

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