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So I bought some skis on ebay for 40 bucks. Got them in the mail and one of the bindings was broken. Contacted Rossi to see if they have replacement parts. If they don't the binding is beyond repair. Anyway, the skis are Rossi Rebels 184cm. The bindings are Rossi Freeride FTX Demo Bindings an "X Plate". I was wondering if anyone would know of bindings that would NOT require the skis to be redrilled. I haven't found ANY info on these bindings on the web. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Maybe you can try emailing Rossi/Dynastar to see what they might recommend that has the same hole pattern? 

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It's a demo binding, you're going to need to get it re-drilled (unless you're able to find another Rossi FKX binding, which I don't believe is made anymore that could fit on the same track, but it's unlikely)  Post some pics and we can see if we can help more.

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So before I had posted this, I had already sent an e-mail to Rossignol. I got an email back saying they would fix the binding free of charge. I'm stoked. What great customer service!! And thank you guys for taking the time to read my post in this forum.


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