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Looking for great carving skis

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Hi, I'm 16, male, 6'0, weigh about 167 pounds.


This season I skied with a pair of Elan Waveflex 14 and they handled really well and provided smooth carving on most terrain. Unfourtunatley they happened to have this freak design flaw where the plastic guard that protected the tips (and also binded the ski together) would continuously snap off which I would have to constantly repair.


Long story short is that I am recieving credit for the skis and will be shopping for new ones to buy.


I don't have any conditions in mind besides that I do all my skiing (in the forseable future) on east coast mountains (think killington and tremblant).


I consider myself to be on the higher end of advanced skiing and would like skis that are fast, reliable, and can handle most types of terrain. These skis will be an investment that I want to last a good amount of years (atleast until I can start making my own money and buying my own equipment ;) 


Thanks in advance

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If you are only planning on skiing hard snow, and want "great" carving skis, then you may want to look into a cheater race ski.  There are cheater GS skis, and cheater slalom skis.  These are race-constructed skis that are toned down in both sidecut geometry, and construction to make carving fun for skiers not constrained by FIS rules.


Some ideas:


Fischer WC RC Pro,

Fischer WC SC Pro,

Head iSpeed GS



If that sounds too intense, I'm sure others could chime in and steer you in the direciton of an "all-mountain" carving ski.  Some that I know are very popular are as follows:


Fischer Progressor 9+

Fischer Progressor 8+

Rossi Avenger 76 Ti



Overall, you probably want a narrower ski (which will carve much better than your 82-waisted skis), maybe something in the 68-72mm range.

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haha while those mock racing skis look like a blast (and sure would be fun leaving my friends in the dust) I am looking for (as you said) slightly more versatile skis. 


I will definitely look into those last 3 that you posted.


I was also taking a look at the Dynaster Contact 4x4, does anyone have any feedback on these?

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Tried the Dnya speedcourse TI cheater today- pretty cool ski but was missing a little something - I am sure it is not especially versatile.


Also tried the FireArrow80 today - impressive carving and more versatile


Tired the Avenger awhile ago - great carver for sure - didnt get to check its range of tricks much


Still looking for the ideal carving/hardpack  Dr. Jeckyl with a little off piste Hyde


let me know!

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I own the Course Ti and agree with your observations.This ski is an outrageous hard pack carver and are a blast in firm groom. May I suggest a Head Super shape Magnum or a Super shape Titan, if you need more of a versatile ski in mixed conditions.I own a set of Titans and they are sweet in most conditions.The Titan is much smoother and "tank like'' in chop and crud,but can slice and dice superbly on nice groom. The Titan gives up very little with a shape of 128/78/114 13.5.  John 

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I've been wanting to work on turn technique, mostly on groomers, and picked up an almost new pair of 2011 Dynastar Contact 4x4's off Craigslist for next to nothing. I've skied them several days and am really loving them. Bumps have been big and somewhat firm, so haven't gotten into them much yet, but on groomers, and in open trees/crud they've been great! I am very happy with them, and plan to lean on them as my "learning ski" for a while. I'm 6'2", 185 lb, and have the 172cm.

There are a few threads here on Epic about this ski, and someone has a pair of 172's (slightly older model year) in the gear forum right now.

Good luck, and happy skiing! ;-)
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I'd echo the suggestion for the HEAD i.Supershape Titan, I spent the weekend on them up at Sugar Bowl and had a blast - they railed on the groomers from icy mornings to soft afternoons, and they did a lot better in the un-groomed frozen spots off Disney than I expected. Really had a blast with them.

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Rossignol Experience 98

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Holy thread bump, Batman!


Originally Posted by Dkash52 View Post

Rossignol Experience 98


Hahahahaha.  No.


A Rossi "carving" ski would be something like the Radical WC series.  Or the Avengers (which seem to have become the "Pursuit" line this year).  Maybe the Experience 78X.


I've skied the E88.  It's a fun ski, and you can actually lay it on edge on a groomer.  But there's no comparison to my Fischer Progressor 9+ on hardpack.  The E98 would be further from that.

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