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Blue Mountain, Ontario, secrets?

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well i've been there quite a few times... i live in toronto and to to UofT so i hardly get the time to go anywhere else... I've been to tremblant, st. ann, and stoneham, and been to tremblant a few times and the others only once.  i actually went to tremblant bout a week ago... pretty much the week BETWEEN the weeks that tremblant had extreme pow... so i was ice skiing...


anyways i'll be heading up to blue this wknd, and i was wondering if any1 knows any secrets of blue?  i.e. umarked glades?  i kno of some insignificantly short ones on teh north side, and that one down the center of the mountain.  although there's one on the south end but really that one when i went down was more of an ice chute than anything else.  


so any skiing secrets?  good entrances to backcountry snow?  or have i pretty much discovered the whole mountain? 


btw does anyone know about the "future development" zones and lifts?  there also seems to be one "future development" glade at the very north end of the mountain on the trail map?

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The only "secret" I can tell is actually probably known by quite a few.

Everybody knows that north side runs are less crowded, but what may escape notice is that sometimes everybody forgets about L-hill/Rinus run and you can have it almost to yourself late on an icy afternoon.

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There aren't many secrets at Blue Mountain that won't get your pass pulled. Besides, it's not like you're going to be getting any good snow anytime soon either.

That said, during a weekday storm, you can actually get powder in the L-Hill/Rinus Run area when only the six packs are running. Most people are too lazy too traverse all the way over to that area, only to have to come all the way back.

If you're willing to risk your pass, the glades past Yahoo are "closed" for night skiing, but over the years I've had 20 or 30 runs through there and have never been caught. When you add in the Yahoo glades, thats over 700ft vert of high quality glade skiing in ample Georgian Bay POW.

I've ducked the ropes under the Southern Comfort chairlift that leads to that single track trail. That was okay I guess, but not worth losing a pass over, especially since you're in plain view from the lift.

Your best bet since you're going on the weekend is to stay in the North area. Waiting in 10 minute lineups for 2 minute runs is definitely not my idea of fun... not to mention the over priced lift tickets.

Come to think of it, the best kept secret about Blue Mountain is how badly it SUCKS on the weekend... It seems there isn't a single person in the Greater Toronto Area who's picked up on that one.
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The future development glades are not that good IMO. A ling hike back if the double isn't running.
the best glades on the on hill for powder are the tranquility headwall ones. The best entrance to them would be to traverse the headwall to the right and ull c them. But the best (if you're willing to take a 5 min ) would be the ski the orchard.

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