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If I hadn't been sick this week, I'd be up to 58.  NORMALLY, I ski 4 days a week, some days 10 - 2, some days 9 - 5 depending on my mood, conditions, etc. 


I'm not advocating no other exercise, but the fact is, I don't.  However, my "ski schedule" is rarely more than three days without a day off.  I've done five in a row, but I've paced myself and am dragging anyway by day 5. 


As for skied vertical vs. lift vertical....  I use a Brunton ADC Summit.  The first 13 days this season (normal practice), I made sure that my battery was good by noting the lifts I took and how many runs on each, etc.  At the end of the day, the "descent" number was within 1 or 2% of the lift vertical.  I don't agree that lift vertical is more accurate, at least here, as we have trails that sort of swoop like roller coasters here and there (i.e., you ski UP for a while and then back down again).  So, I skied that "down" vertical twice, right?  So, I would expect that the Brunton number would be slightly higher (which it is) depending on how often I was on those particular trails.  1 to 2 % isn't that big a diff anyway....  After all, barometric fluctuations can give you vertical if you spend all day in the bar.  But, it's a heck of a lot easier to start the device at the beginning of the day than to keep counting lift rides. 


I don't have an iPhone, but a man I know who does and likes gadgets, says that his altimeter watch is WAY more accurate than the iPhone app.  Just reporting what I heard...

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29 so far but it looks like my run is over!


It's pretty warm here this past week and it's not worth the three hour drive to get there.


I was hoping for at least 30 but I'll take what I've got.



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Originally Posted by BoredAtBMBW View Post

For those of you who are referencing 60-80+ days so far (depending on the date of the post)... how hard do you ski?  Do you never hit the gym for anaerobic training???



I live 15 minutes from my local hill, which has night skiing.  So every single day since Dec 10th I could have skied, but considering my gym sessions, I need to let my legs recover.  Also, in general a day of recovery here or there is helpful.


I do squat jumps, plyometrics, general weight training and take it to the max.  I'd have no knee cartilage left if I skied that much.




I'm honestly curious if those people with that many days don't work out during season, or if they do work out, but just don't care about recovery???




Anyway, now I'm up to 45ish.  I did just discover "Ski Tracks" on my iPhone, and for those of you who always ski with your coat, and never forget to turn it on, that would be a lovely way to record days skied and vertical skied (although it seems that the total "lift vertical" is much more accurate than the "skied vertical")

I don't work out ever. Boring! I just go skiing. That's my work out - and I lose a few lbs in the winter months because of it. In the summer I ride my bike occasionally and kick some football (soccer), and tend to put those lbs on again.


I will readily admit though that approx. half of my 60 "days" are more like 3-4 hour evenings.



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I'm only at 42ish days this year. :( fortunately our season doesn't end for another two months. My excuses include a torn MCL, a back injury from the gym, and general can't-be-botheredness.

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exactly 90 out of the 100 days we get to ski in ontario

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Friday April 1st at Okemo was day 30. The previous 29 were at Hunter Mtn, of course.
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49 -- I have to squeeze in one more sometime to have an even 50.

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52, hopefully 2 more.  Will not make my age for the first time in 8 years due to losing over a month to my shoulder injury.

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I finished the local season with 36 days.  I leave Wednesday for a week in Utah and I hope to come back with 43 total days on snow this season.

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Started Jan. 10, and finished today.  68 days.

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30 as of yesterday, still killin' it for a few more.

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62 as of today.

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Up to 44 as of today and should be able to get 5 more in, all midweek


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49 and counting. Skiing's really good right now. Thought I'd done every chute (of those skiable by a mere mortal like myself) at my hill, but found a new one yesterday. Full of heavy untracked. Life is good.

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46 so far...Another 5 this week at The Gathering and still plans to hit 60. 

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55 days of almost all Packed Powder Skiing, what a great season!

33 - Seven Springs, PA

  6 - Montana
  6 - Vermont
  5 - New Hampshire
  3 - Maine
  2 - New York


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Originally Posted by steamboat1 View Post

21......not bad for a flat lander.

Up to 29 now. Pretty sure I'll get 3 or 4 more days in before hanging it up.


Even though it seems like I went up just as often I'm down from previous years. Been getting between 40-45 days the past few years, not going to make it this year.


Is it me or did it seem like this season went very quickly?


Must be getting

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39 right now,

 but aiming for a seasonal best of 50 days

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I think around 30. Slow year. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Hit 70 over the weekend and over 1,000,000 vertical feet.  First time to hit that mark for me.

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49... will get 50 and 51 this weekend, getting dicey after that but will finish the year off at Tuckerman's!

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sorry dup post...


(moderator pls delete if you can).

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23 so far, way fewer than I had planned for the year.  Another four this week before the home hill shuts down and then maybe some extended season days someplace so might eeck out 30.  Next year I'll be shooting for 50 with some mid-week nights added in to the mix.biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post

Hit 70 over the weekend and over 1,000,000 vertical feet.  First time to hit that mark for me.

That sounds like alot.  Your red blood cells must be in pristine condition (assuming by your location you were racking this vert up at CO resorts).  congrads on that


How does it feel?  (I'm not being sarcastic)... was it like when George Clooney reaches 10 million miles in "Up in the Air," or was the feeling something more?


(really not being sarcastic... all the more power to you if that is something that you are proud of... guess I'm just wondering if it "feels" like you've skied a ton or whatever)

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When this thread was started, on 3/9 I had 87 days in, as of this post, I'm at 106, and there are seven more operating days at The Bowl. cool.gificon14.gif


If the weather stays cool this spring, I could get in another 15-20 days skinning. wink.gif



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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post





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60 and out. Local hill closes on Sunday, but the snow is so rotten we're not even planning to ski the closing day.

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In spite of PRISTINE conditions here, with a 12 foot base at the summit, we are closing this weekend.  My goals were 70 days and 1,5 million feet.  I think I am going to JUST MISS those goals unless I head down to Blacktail the weekend of 4/16. 


By the way, there is a Vertical Tracker here.  The top two guys have over 4.5 million feet, the number two guy is on a "senior" ticket.  So, a million is not all that much.  I've skied with BOTH these guys and they're not just bombing groomers.  But, they do ski 6 hour days, 6-7 days a week, and don't stop for lunch or anything else.  God help you if you want to chit chat on the way down the hill!

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46 was the final count.

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