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8 (7 in Massachusetts and 1 in RI)


Another bad year ski day count wise for a guy that used to get boots on 100+ a season......but they were all good days!


Hoping for one day in NH or maybe NY this month but tennis rkts, golf clubs and road bike are calling loudly boots have not hit the snow yet and may not until next season.

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0 this season. 0 last season. I was averaging ~100 for the 20 seasons leading up to this little dry spell. Well, surfs up!
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Originally Posted by tief schnee View Post

0 this season. 0 last season. I was averaging ~100 for the 20 seasons leading up to this little dry spell. Well, surfs up!



I'm quite a bit behind this year, taking January and half of February off to travel to Patagonia and San Fran.  21 yesterday, still hope to hit 50. Please God give us a good corn season this year!

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I'm at 8 but heading to 10 by next week. By the way 10, will be my most ever(at least for the past 20 years). I avg only 6 days a year...

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Lost two days because of a broken toe that I just couldn't get into a ski boot.


Definite plans for 10 more days + whatever I can squeeze into my time table and budget...

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24.  Gas prices are pricing me out.

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16 so far.  I should get to 20 or 21.   Not bad for a M-F working stiff.  Still managing to keep the wife not feeling like a ski widow also.



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I don't know exactly, but it's between 35 and 40.

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30 thus far. I might hit 40 by the end of March.

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38, should hit at least 60, maybe 70-80 if I do a lot of spring/summer touring once the resorts close. Leaving for Switzerland on Saturday to ski in France for a week (last minute detour to France, due to conditions - been a dry year in Euroland).

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Today was day #98 at Jackson Hole Mountain resort, plus 2 days each at Grand Targhee and Snowbasin, plus about ten days of backcountry away from the ski area.


One of my knees is starting to object.

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35 or so. All of them wonderful days.

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41 (or 42 if you count XC).  11 in Utah, 9 in Montana, and the rest here in Michigan.


I'll probably make it to 50...

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Six so far...

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 i am at 26 right now, skiing at seven springs this weekend to close out the season with 28, had 30 last year about as much as i can get living in cincy and still having to work 5 days a week.

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63 as of yesterday.... on track for between 90 & 100...... 2 days @ Mammoth... the rest all N. Tahoe.....roflmao.gif

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Weds 3/9 was number 25. Hope for 5 more at Hunter, and a few further north (such as 4/1 at Okemo, last day at Whiteface, etc).
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22 as of today,... not bad considering I have a nine month old.

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Originally Posted by iWill View Post

Lost count at 25 around christmas. Best guess would be 60 to 70.


Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post


I bet she could even tell us how many vertical feet too.






(um for the first time ever so can I 

487,800 so far)



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Nine and done for the year.

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Feb 28 was my 100th.  Skied every day so far in March and it looks like I'll not miss a day this month because I'm scheduled to work all but three anyway.  I'll probably use those three to work on my telemark skiing.

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One for each year above ground--55.

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just 66 so far, got to CO late & went home for a week, will get 100+ though

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I'm at 38 and hoping to hit 70ish by the end of it.  We go until Memorial Day weekend.  The only reason I know how many days I have is because our mountain tracks the number of days, turns, lifts ridden and vert for us.  Kinda nice to know the stats.

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I waited to post until some with few days than me posted.  I am at 9 but soon to add probably 3 more days at spring break in another week.

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3 so far, but Im just getting started this season. If all goes well I'll finish out the little hill in mid april. Then start traveling to tahoe until that dries up. And wrap up in June with some Mt. Hood trips biggrin.gif

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I'm at 57 with a solid 2-3 months left in the season in CO.  12 of those have been powder days (which are registered when a face shot has been had!).

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19 Days, 80,034 vertical feet (limited to Minnesota this year), but missed more than a month due to injury. With rain in the forecast here and 50's forecasted next week... we cleaned out the locker at the hill last night. frown.gif

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