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  35 and the season is over here in central Wisconsin.  I feel good about the number considering a full time job and two busy teenagers and an understanding wife.

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49 and holding for the past month -- am going to Whistler this summer and will try to get in one more.

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Well today was 80 for me (and 1.2 million vertical feet), but I'd trade a ton of those days to instead put together what segbrown did this season.  That's mighty impressive.


BTW - Loveland broke their record for base depth this week (hitting 118" which is ridiculous for Colorado).  They only need another 12" to break the season high snow fall total.  I wouldn't count them out with 8 days to go in their season.

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 I have 52, with 4 or 5 more planned in the next week or so. My goal was 50, so I might have to up it to 60.


Even better, I skied at


Copper, Vail, Beaver Creek, Purgatory, Silverton, Breck, Keystone, Loveland, ABasin, Mary Jane, Jackson Hole, Alta, Snowbird, and Solitude ... I'm quite sure I never hit 14 places in one season before. I should have done a day at Kendall while we were in Silverton, darn.


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I'll probably be able to claim about 10 days less than last year. But the number of pow days has been pretty phenomenal. I would say that at least 50 percent of my time this year has featured at least boot top snow.

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Just closed the regular season - 22 days... since I'm the weekend warrior - have skipped only MLK rain on Mt Hood beercheer.gif


Today's pond skim was lots of fun :)

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I haven't skied since April 8 but it took til today to get my head around the fact that my ski season is over. 58 days, all but six in WV & PA.

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Ninety-nine !!!!!


(and still got a few more coming...)

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season not over yet, but i am sitting at 147.

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 I have 52, with 4 or 5 more planned in the next week or so. My goal was 50, so I might have to up it to 60.


Ended up at 64 -- May was a record-breaker here, I believe; add a few more days in June and July, plus an August hike to St Mary's glacier -- I far exceeded my original goal. If I get September turns, I believe that will be Day 1 of 2011/2012.

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Since this popped back up on page 1, I gave it some thought.  This has most likely been my 2nd biggest year yet!  I don't actually count, but I do sorta keep track & by my calculations I am at around 170 + days since November 2010.



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I made BOTH goals, ending with 70 days, and 1,524,081 feet.  Would like to add a day or two to that next season. 

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Now up to 53 days, 1,063,345 feet.  I wish it didn't take me so long to "get going" this year.  It was day 28 before the ski "switch" was fully in the ON position....  I have "goals" of 70 days, 1.5 million feet, but ...well, anything can happen...


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Well, I got sick in the post season, so I only got ten days of hiking in after the bullwheels stopped turning. So I ended up with 123 days altogether, for snow season 10/11. Hopefully I'll do better this coming season. smile.gif

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Got my start for the 2011/12 season at Killington on October 30, so that makes 1 day so far.  First time I have ever gotten a ski day in the east coast in October.  smile.gif

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