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How Many Ski Days so Far

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how many do you have to date 3/09/11


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38 and it won't change until next season hissyfit.gif.  Got the MRI tonight.  Tech said, "I can't discuss but be very careful of that knee."  Doc's pretty sure it's the MCL and ACL.  Feels that way too.


Oh well.  I got to 38 days in just over two months yahoo.gif.  Not too shabby.

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40 for me and I'm in the same boat as L&AirC.  Surgery next Wednesday.



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40 days so far -- my goal is 50 and I think I will make it with a trip to Breck.

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34ish, and looks like I'm out too.

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Hoping that there will still be some snow somewhere  nearby to take my kid on the 19th.  He has a young artist piano gig Saturday or else we'd go then for sure.

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Lost count at 25 around christmas. Best guess would be 60 to 70.

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21......not bad for a flat lander.

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Just counted the days since I arrived in Alberta on December 8th and added on the 2 days I went in North Carolina, and i'm right at 90.

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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post

Just counted the days since I arrived in Alberta on December 8th and added on the 2 days I went in North Carolina, and i'm right at 90.



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Today was number 94 for me.  Only possible because I'm senior citizen and live maybe 4 miles from the base area at CB.  





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I am only at 15 so far and hope to hit 30, but then what do you expect from a desert rat?  Does anyone else wonder why skiers so uniformly track how many days they ski in a given year? When was the last time you heard a golfer or hockey player or a hunter tell you how many days they had with their sport? I'm not critical, just curious.



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106 counting a few backcountry days.


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I'm at 21 which isn't to bad for a midwesterner.  This number is probably final because my local hill is either closed or closing after next weekend hissyfit.gif

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16 or 17 for me and hoping to get to 20.  All on the hills of Pennsylvania at Seven Springs (14/15) or Blue Knob (2) .  


Already the most I've skied in 25 years so it's been a good year even without a trip out West.



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about 80  biggrin.gif

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39 at this point. 60 is the goal. 

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15, and my last day was January 12th... frown.gif


But I'm already considering a week in Chile in August!

Always when possible I try to enjoy a little bit of both hemisphere seasons... cool.gif

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I am at 45 (not bad for Philadelphia) and have a two week trip to VT starting after the rain stops. Aiming for 60.

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40, late start, severe knee injury. Will be at 50 days 11 days from now...



That will be interesting.

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29 and should finish at about 36...

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46 so far. Lost a couple due to a nasty crash - concussion and facial cuts & bruising. Hoping for 60 before we're all done.

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Today is day 40 for me, and that's with missing over 4 weeks due to my rotator cuff injury earlier this season.

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Another Flatlander here. I am happy that I have 25 days in right now. I hope to get a few more by seasons end which is just a couple of weeks away. But I did just order a new Outback and maybe I will have to take a road trip to break her in in early April.

Rick G

PS I am so jealous of you guys who reguarly get 50+ days a year. My best is around 35.
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It's impressive to see the day totals for a lot of you folk who live remote from ski country.  It took virtually a singular focus for me to get to 40 days by the end of February, and I live 100 miles from a bunch of ski areas.  Way to get after it.



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I am at 34 right now.  I am waiting to hear if the local hill is going to reopen this weekend so I can get 35 and 36.  I also have 6.5 days in Utah left to ski next month.  I am hoping to break 40 this year which will be the first time since I got married in 2003.    I miss the high school and college days when I would get 55-60 days a year. 



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Been out at least thirty days thus far but haven't done the official count yet to see if i'll get forty days in this year or not.  LIving in the flats of midwest and working a straight job, i figure forty days on the hill aint bad.

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Approximately 80-85.

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