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Stockli Stormrider L ... versus Head Monster 77 and K2 Apache Recon ... any opinions?

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I've been skiing on some Head Monster 77's this past season and have really enjoyed their performance.  Unfortunately, they are my brother's skis and now that he is back from deployment I have to give them up.  Normally I would try to find another pair but cannot seem to find them in a 177 anywhere.


In looking around (locally and on-line) I've found the K2 Recon (and Interceptor) and the Stockli Stormrider L in my price range.  I'd prefer to buy new rather than used if possible, but have no issues going with eBay if needed.


I've done a lot of searching on the site (and the web) about these two skis.  The Stormrider L sounds like it is a bit higher performing than the Recon, but not as demanding as the more "traditional" Stockli skis.  The Recon seems like a fairly good all-around performer but nothing special in any one area.


Primary use will be frontside in Colorado chasing my kids around and an occasional trip to UT.  If the snow is deep I'll demo, if not I need the ski to perform in most conditions.


I'm 6'2", 220 lbs, fairly competent skier and a Scorpio if that helps.  In UT, I ski the Empire, Sultan, and Mayflower chairs at Deer Valley, almost all of Alta, and spend time in Mineral Basin at Snowbird.  I also like Snowbasin and the Jupiter area of Park City.  In CO it is 100% groomers and not too fast (yet ... the kids are getting faster).  I am not a "carver" of turns.


Of the two skis, which would provide a similar ride to the Monsters?  The K2's would be a 177, the Stockli's a 178.  Dimensions are close, the K2 definitely feels softer than the Head's, and the prices are in my ballpark (~ $400'ish with bindings).


Thanks in advance for any and all input.



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Volkl AC30's? They're being replaced next year by a new series coming out, the RTM series, so you might be able to find a killer deal on it. Also with the Volkl's they will be a great ski to progress in, they crave exceptionally and would perform great for the conditions you have. They're 80mm underfoot, so if you decide to take them somewhere else they still got versatility, but still will perform outstanding on the groomers. For your size and weight I'd say go for the 177's, similar size to what you've been skiing, or the 184's so when you continue to progress and ski faster you'll have the stability of the longer ski, either size would work well for you. They're quite a stiff ski but for the conditions you ski and your size it should suit you fine, it also gives the ski nice pop out of turns (which I personally love) :).


More information on the skis: http://www.voelkl.com/skis/alpine/all-condition/unlimited-ac-30.html




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Its is a myth that Stockli skis are demanding; only some burly models are.  At 220 lbs you need a reasonably stiff ski and so you don't turn it into a noodle, I would suggest something that is wood core.


6 years ago, I swapped my Volkl AC3 for a Stormrider XL.  Today my every day ski is a Stormrider XXL, which is probably a bit more versatile than the XL due to the extra width.  Once a year I take out the AC3, ride it for a day and then put it back.  It reminds me how one dimentional the AC3 is compared to the XL and XXL.  It carves and that is about it, but nowhere nearly as well as my Laser SX (the best front side carver around).


And as you are not a carver, stay away from the Volkl AC skis.  They carve and that is about it.  Look for something with less sidecut that allows you to smear your turns without catching an edge.  The Stormriders will do this much better than the Volkl ACs.


BTW, I don't think the Stormrider L is appropriate, it is an older ski that had lower specifications that the XL (IIRC iso core and not wood and narrower than the XL).    Also, given your weight, 178cm would the the minimum, I think you could easily handle longer.  FWIW, I'm 6' and 190 lbs and ski the Stormrider XXL @ 178cm and on occasions (mainly off piste) I wish it was longer.


Buy whatever floats your boat, but if on a budget, I'd look second hand rather than new and second rate.

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Someone had a Mythic Rider 178 on tgr that might fit the bill for you for about $250 w/bindings....

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I ski the Head Monster 78s in the 177 size and they carve nicely 4-8 inches of powder range very well.  Great on groomers with deep grooom... Nice on harder groomed with big fat turns, small turns.  I am heavier than you by far and tips dig in and sort of pull you along and no probolem with tails washing out if you stay balanced, centered at end of compression in turn.  They do side slip on super steep which I barely ever ski anyway.  They are a good 50/50 ski although I would go to the 183 size next time....

And while you are at it you should seriously cosider the 82 in the 177...I demoed them both and tossed up to the 78s with no regrets over last three seasons.

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The Stormrider L isn't "really" a Stockli.  It's not pressed in the Stockli factory and doesn't really ride like most of the other Stockli skis.

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Thanks all for the input!


I ended up going an entirely different direction.  I got a great price on some new K2 Extreme's in a 179.  Planning ot mount a Head Railflex 14 binding on them to provide a littel adjustability.  Now to have some fun with the last few weeks of the season.



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