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Ankle, plate and screws... oh my!

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This is a question for the experts.


Three years ago I shattered my ankle.


The orthopedic surgeon will not remove the plate, or even the one screw that seems to be the thing causing the most amount of "pinching" pain.  To give an idea of how sensitive this is, if I have a sock with a seam over the ankle bump inside my boot, it feels like someone is pushing a screwdriver down my boot.  I'm wearing the Smartwool PHD super thin light socks.


Currently I'm in a Salomon XWave 10, Flex of 110, softened up some.  I have a Surefoot orthotic and do prefer this type of footbed over a Sidas or Peterson footbed.


I gave an Impact 8 a try, and on my right foot it felt like home, the left was a different story.


The first fitter I have seen seems real oldschool.  He wanted me to try it and come back after skiing as long as I could before any punching.

I cant handle this, and is this guy just a Sadist or what?


Has anyone dealt with this issue, and how did you help them?  Are most boot fitters ok, not ok with punching out a boot to start?




Background on me, former Juvenile Racer, turned free skier, and now chasing my kids anywhere they go.

Wide foot, narrow ankle, moderate pronation. I have limited range of motion on left ankle.

I ski about 30 - 40 days a year, and love to carve tight GS and Slalom turns. Currently on a Rossignol Avenger 76 Ti. 

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not seen your feet but your fitter might have felt that the liner will pack down after a few runs and not cause the need for the boot to be punched...


first thing i would be doing if you have that much metal work in your leg would be replacing the stock liner with an intuition or similar, having a bit of pressure padding over the problem area during moulding to creat a little space then seeing how that feels, if the ankle sits very close to the shell i may put a small punch in the shell before moulding the liner just so i got a more even thickness all over the liner rather than a big compressed section at one point


difficult to say exactly without seeing your feet, but it should be perfectly doable

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Screws in ankles unfortunately are getting to be fairly common place.   I see several a year and for most it seems the screws are permanent.


Typically we've had good success.  I think Colin's idea of an Intuition liner is good and then we punch and grind just like usual.  I'm not much of a believer in breaking in boots regardless of screws, but not everyone here will agree.  Bottom line is with someone knowledgeable working on your gear your chance of continuing to ski comfortably should be good.



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