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Daleboot – Seeking Pro/Con expert opinions

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·         I am a steep terrain expert skier, but only 155 pounds.

·         I have Superfeet full cork footbed in circa 1992 Lange model X9 boot.  It took me 6 trips to the bootfitter to dial them in, but once done, the boots performed well all these years.  However, they are falling apart after “only 19 years”, so time for new boots.

·         Wide forefeet, narrow heels.  Right foot is considerably smaller than left except for bunion on right.  Right foot shell requires bulge for bunion.

·         Best fit so far, of the very limited stock in CA boot shops, has been the Lange RS or RX 120.  Mammoth CA is 5 hours drive and only place in CA with great boot-fitters that I know of.   

·         Read a wiki post on Daleboot VFF Pro by Quant2325 on the EpicSki site which was informative, but it was the only opinion/review.  He, and others on the web had some negative comments about Daleboot’s softer flex, but wonder if this is a problem for lighter weight skiers.

·         Seeking opinions on Daleboot from knowledegable bootfitters.  Willing to travel to Utah if Daleboot is the answer.

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without seeing your foot it is very difficult to say if it is the right thing for you, it works for some and not for others...... one foot type it works really well for (and i refer a few clients each year for this reason) is high arched cavus foot with limited ankle flexion, the boot design allows the heel to be lifted inside without running out of space over the instep, the cuff being pretty upright helps this too, but to date this is the only foot type that i have ever had the need to refer out for a dale boot

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HMMMM.  A little puzzling.  My sense is you are complaining of driving to Mammoth but are willing to travel to SLC?  I'm not real familiar with the trip anymore but I don't think you can get to SLC from anywhere in CA unless you employ Mr. United.


At the top of this section you'll find a listing of each contributor here and their locations.  I think you'll find there are two very good ones in Reno and Truckee.


Regarding Daleboot, if it fits it should work well.  If it doesn't then it will be as bad as any other poor fitting boot.  It is fairly high volume, especially over the instep.  If that works for you then the boots is stiff enough laterally to work well.



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