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Tips for first time to Snowbird?

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I am headed back to Utah with a couple of buddies in just under a month.  We staying in Park City (not my first choice) but the the deal we got made it impossible to pass up.  Our condo is ski-in/out so obviously we plan to take advantage of that but we are also planning to ski Snowbird for 2 or 3 days.  I've been to Alta but none of us have been to Snowbird before.  We are all comfortable skiing most anything that doesn't have mandatory air so we are not looking for the best groomers.  Does anyone have any tips for getting the most out of our time there?  We are planning to do the brown bad thing for lunch.  Is there any particular area that is better for that sort thing?

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I often brown bag a lunch for myself and others and enjoy eating at summit or mid-mtn lodges.  Bring the stuff up in a bag or pack on an early lift ride and leave in a cubbie corner of lodge or under a far table.  The mid-Gad restaurant is where I did this at Snowbird.


I don't know the mtn enough to advise well, but here are some details on trip I made out there in Jan:  http://www.dcski.com/ubbthreads33/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=61449&page=3


Did you see this excellent write-up by snowbird devotee?  http://www.epicski.com/wiki/snowbird-unofficial-ski-guide-by-snowbird-devotee


You guys are going to drive out, right?devil.gif

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If you have a car and get there early, park in the Gad Valley area (first entrance). You are steps from the snow and a short pole or  skate to the Gadzoom lift. From the top you can continue up Little Cloud or ski back down to the tram.

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Either park at the top of Chickadee lift or along the road above the Cliff Lodge and you can brownbag/tailgate right next to the slopes, with easy access back to the tram.

Don't go to Snowbird on a weekend!

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You guys are going to drive out, right?devil.gif

We're flying.  That is way too far to drive.  My friend decided to be more flexible and we are going Wednesday April 6th to Wednesday April 13.  I managed to get a non-stop flight in both directions for $360.

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Try to ski with a local who knows the hill your first day, you will have a great day.

If you can't find a local bear, call ski school and investigate sort of mountain tour option.

Get the tram pass. (if you ski with a local bear you need to have this)

April should be uncrowded, you can park in the tram base or whatever.


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Unlike most ski areas, both Alta and Snowbird have skiing on 360 degrees of aspect. You need to be aware of not only where the wind and sun are, but where they have been recently. Because of the varied exposures there is usually good skiing on some parts of the mountain, and often bad skiing on other parts at the same time.  You need to talk to the patrol and the locals to get whatever info you can, and then keep your eyes and ears open to see where the locals are skiing. Eavesdropping on the Tram can be a great source of info.  As an example, Mineral Basin is often full of tourists skiing funky snow while the locals are getting the goods off one of both sides of the Cirque Traverse.  There is no hard and fast rule, but if you ski a run and do not like the conditions, you can count on them being different (and probably at least a little better) somewhere else on the mountain, so hunt around.  If you find good snow look for other parts of the mountain or runs with that same aspect, and vice verse with bad conditions.  Especially in the Spring, if you just blunder around you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and ski bad snow all day will others are hitting it right when it is sun softened to perfection.  If it dumps big, then it will probably be good almost everywhere, but otherwise you need to ski smart to maximize hitting the best snow.  The  Bird is a big mountain, and you need to approach it with the mind of a hunter.

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Nice post from mudfoot.  Also elevation plays a role. Read the local avy report for a quick summary of what the snow is like on all aspects and elevations.


Read the thread on traversing.

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best way to get the most out of your bird trip is to fly me out there with you. :P



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mineral basin was great in the morning when i was there.     later in the day--not so great.   my freind who instructed at snowbird said that's often how it works.    but warning: i've only been there once!  

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