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Atomic FIS Race D2 SL with or without D2 DoubleDeck

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This is a spinn off from an other thread in the racing forum. Must be people here that have been confronted with this desicion in the past. Or skied with one or both and have an opinion. Its the FIS ski and Im going to be using it for masters SL. Im 6foot2 and 95kg now using Blizzard Magnesium SL and now looking for a tight turning and lively ski. 



This ski:



This ski:


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The non-D2 works better on injected snow and course sets and slopes found on the World Cup circuit, while the D2 works better in ALL other conditions and situations.

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Betaracer, why do you think the D2 works better on injected snow and the WC circuit? I ski on masters SL race tracks. Sometimes they are on injected snow and sometimes its very very icy.

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All the testing from the World Cup stars has resulted that the D2 has too much edge hold. You need to realize that slalom skiers are an odd and fickle bunch. Injected snow for mortals can be considered extremely slick and hard but with right tune and talent it is actually very grippy. The NON D2 skis were designed for the elite athletes, while the D2 model is for those who have not quite reached that level, similar to a Ferrari F1 vs. 458 Italia. Both excellent, but one better suited to those who aren't in the top 100 world ranking.

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I use the non-D2 FIS SL as my every-day ski, and love it.  It's more versatile than you'd expect.  I'm on it about 80% of the time when skiing on-piste.


I'm about the same size and weight as you, and ski it in a 165.

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Thanks gusy.

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I talked to our local Atomic rep (factory guy-not on mountain) at demo days yesterday and he said that next years FIS spec SL skis will be non D2. I just bought a pair of SL D2 in 158 (at a good price) and it's good to know from Betaracer that they will still work well for me. I suck at slalom and our local Masters courses certainly are not water injected!

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hey guys, i know this is abit off subject, however sorry to barge in like this but i  have just bought myself a d2 sl 2011 withought bindings for a great price. i was curiouse whether the neox tl 10 is a good binding (pressuming its drilled to fit d2, like tl12), or would you reccomend something more like the x12 or neox 412. im not looking at a high din rating as i am heading towards more of a crusing/ on piste ski setting.



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Depends on the version. If it is the FIS model then you will NEED an X-race binding. If it is the consumer version the binding should have been sold with the ski as they were booked with bindings, otherwise it will use a NEOX. Easy way to tell (as the X and NEOX have very similar drill pattern) is that the X binding has an extra hole along the medial line just forward of the rear paired holes. .

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i appreciate your help beta! i hadnt noticed the drill pattern difference between the x and neox bindings, which has made things alot easier now.


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