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"Schizo" bindings worth the extra $$?

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I recently purchased my first set of skis (Volkl Kendo 184s), and need to order some bindings.


Looking at, most likely, the Marker Griffon (don't see a reason I need to get the Jester at my experience level).


Is the flexibility of being able to adjust the binding position worth the extra $100 or so that the "schizo" version of the Marker bindings cost? Also, is the extra weight a negative tradeoff I should be concerned about?


I don't mind the extra $100 if the payoff is big, but if moving the bindings is something that isn't going to help me continue to grow as a skier, then I'd just as soon avoid it.




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Nope, not worth it for what YOU are using it for. Application os primarily for park riders who are looking to move from a center mount to freeride position. If you can score some Griffons, do it sooner than later, availability is getting real slim. 

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Ah, good to hear, I suppose. Thanks for the feedback.


I had read somewhere that moving the binding was also good for sitting back farther in deeper snow/powder. If I'm not going to want to slide the binding back on deeper snow days, then I guess there's no reason to bother with the schizo.


Is there a single recommended mount for the bindings? In other words, do I have to worry that the shop I'm using is going to mount them in the wrong place? Or do I just give them to them and let them do it without poking around like I know what I'm talking about (when clearly I don't)? :)



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The preferred mounting is on the top of the ski, as we say "shiny side up".

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To answer the question, the shop should know the correct position for the binding.  It would be a good idea to have a person who knows about these things take a look at the mount after you have had it done, just to make sure they did it right.  Sometimes the smoke gets a little thick in the alley behind the shop and it affects the workers.  Once we had one ski out of a pair mounted backwards.  They had to replace both skis.

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I'm probably being overly paranoid. New Jersey isn't known for skiing, so I'm always skeptical of the knowledge of the people staffed around here.


I bought the skis at REI, so hopefully they have someone who knows what they are doing working there. I'm going to have them do the mount as opposed to the ski shop where I'm buying the bindings, that way if anything goes wrong, they're responsible.


Their return policy is ridiculous, so if there's anything I don't like whatsoever, I'm covered.

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