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Summit County Trip, Knee Injury, East Coast Skier, Etc........!

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Here's a story for ya......


I am a 47 year old skier who primarily skies Camelback Mountain in the Poconos, plus occasional trips to Vermont. I have a trip planned to Summit County, March 19th to April 3rd!  I am staying in Dillon at a condo I found on Craigslist, $60 a night, sleeps 5.  Bought the Summit Pass (Breck, A-Basin, Keystone) in the fall, figuring if I ski 10 times, it winds up costing around $45 a lift ticket.  Bought round trip plane ticket in the fall for $350 non stop round trip.  Have a rental car reserved, $319 for whole trip.  This is a "Hall Pass" trip, wife & kid are staying home!  This is my first trip to Colorado, I skied Jackson Hole a few years ago.  To say that I am excited is an understatement.  A friend is coming with for the first week & I am on my own the second week.  Sounds like I got a pretty good trip lined up on a budget, right?


Now the problem.  Last week I starting having pain in my right knee while skiing, bad enough that I had to quit for the day.  Got popping & cracking, & pain while at rest.  Saw an orthopedic doc yesterday, he did xrays, going for an MRI today, consultation Wednesday, arthroscopic surgery Thursday.  Doc says that no matter what he finds, I should be able to ski by March 21st.  Of course I was thrilled by what he told me, but now I am having my doubts.  Has anybody ever heard of such a fast recovery from this type of injury?  He stated that he would remove any damaged cartilage & shot some steroids in.  He also said that if a meniscus problem, he would do what he could for that, shot the steroids, & give me a brace.  I want to believe, but........


Anyways, I also want to thank everybody who posts for all the helpful info I was able to get from all your past & current posts!  This site is my number 1 source for all things skiing. 


- Jim


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Yup. I tore a meniscus, got scoped and won 2 DH races 4 weeks after injury. It can happen. ROM is key to success so do everything your PT says. No more, no less. Pass the tests for ROM and strength and go skiing.


The surgery just described involved removal of meniscus, not repair. If you get a repair (stitching stuff back up, for example), not a clean up, you might be 6 weeks non-weight bearing as I have been for other surgeries.


Thursday will tell for sure. MRIs are very good, but things can still only show up under the scope.


Good luck.

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Believe...I tore my meniscus badly running ladder sprints when I was 40.  The type of tear was termed "bucket handle tear" From my understanding it's when the cartilage gets pushed/torn away and then flips back into the middle if the knee.  It hurt...a lot! and to make things worse it was locking my knee out from getting full extension...I couldn't even get close.  I already had ACL replacement on the knee 10 years ago and that was going really good, no problems.  Anyway I was pissed and defiant that it would get better soon and I was going to give it a week or 2 at least.  Didn't make it very long as the pain persisted and I turned to crutches.  I decided "this ain't good" went to the doc, had surgery to fix.  Walked into surgery on crutches, walked out on my own 2 feet without an issue.  I was in pretty decent shape prior and didn't spend very long on crutches so my muscle tone was still good...I never looked back.  It'll take a little bit to get the swelling down and the fluids moved out of there, otherwise, if it's just a cleanup like mine the only healing is the holes, my experience.

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Thanks guys, the doc seemed VERY confident.  I will clue you in as to what happens.

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I'm 40 and also had a bucket handle meniscus tear this season... after surgery I was skiing again in 10 days. I'm now a month out from surgery and my wife says my skiing form is back to where it was pre-injury. My Dr didn't even send me to PT, just gave me some simple exercises.

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Went to the doc today, he said "bucket handle tear".  Getting scoped tomorrow, fingers are crossed for a 10 day recovery, doc is confident.

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Keep in mind, you'll need to take it easy when you get back on the slopes. I still had swelling, especially after I would ski, a month out from surgery. You might get to ski your trip, but you might not ski as much as you'd hoped. At least at the beginning of your trip.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, will probably be taking it easy.  I may even skip the first few days if I have too.  

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It will definitely be an individual thing as to how you can perform after surgery. It could be from no problem whatsoever (as my injury to DH race scenario was) or absolute pain and can't ski. I hope it is the former. Take baby steps and don't overlook RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation).


Have you had your surgery yet?

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Just came home fro surgery, on the couch with leg up, ice on.  The doc said everything went great, no surprises.  I watched the whole procedure on the video monitor.  He removed only damaged material, it looked like frayed threads.  He said not to go to physical therapy, that I had enough muscle tone & it shouldn't be needed.  I am to rest until next Friday when I have a follow up appointment.  No pain as of right now, but there will be some as soon as the local anesthetic wears off.  He reiterated that he still thanks that I should be able to ski by the 20th.  Thanks for all the posts.  

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He 'cleaned up' your knee, then. Removing, not repairing. If you can keep the ROM and avoid any swelling, you should be good to go. Good luck! Enjoy the meds while the last. cool.gif

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Hey - knee update!  6 days into recovery & I am feeling great!  Went for a bike ride yesterday, iced down right after, very limited pain.  Looks like I'll be skiing starting Sunday.  Planning on taking it real slow in the beginning of my trip.

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Good to hear. Interesting that you got to watch. I was completely under for mine. I think the fact your a cyclist will greatly aid you in getting back and having a great trip.

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