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Demo deep thoughts for Gathering

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Looking forward to meeting y’all in Colorado, it will be my first time there.  Ok, that’s not entirely true; I raced in the (for those that remember it) Red Zinger Mini Classic as a wee lad, but what I remember I could write on the inside flap of a matchbook using dull crayon.


I am planning on demoing while at the gathering in CO, how and through who is the best way to go about doing that?  I have a few specific skis I would like to try, Motive 84 chief among them, but I suppose conditions (and the wisdom of my fellow gatherers) will have a say in what I ski. 


Being from FL, anytime I ski I’ll be flying, so I am hoping to find for me what SJ would call his ‘keep it in the car’ ski.  Sadly, mine will be 'keep it in a corner of the bedroom' down here, next to a crumpled up ski bag.


Thanks to the list of bootfitters on here, I already have an appointment with skibootfitting.com before we get started (bootfitters are sparse in my area); is there anything else I should be thinking about?  I’m working on my snow dance; it will probably look a lot like my please-God-no-hurricanes-here-this-year dance…



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I'm not sure they cary the Motive 84 but you might give Podium Sports in Frisco a try, I know they carry Fischer along with Hart, Fatypus, and some other brands that I can't remember at the moment.  They're right on the corner of Hwy 9 and Main Street under the Backcountry Brewery.  http://www.podiumsportsgroup.com/eCart/default.html

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Thanks, by coincidence I reserved a hotel in Frisco (unless or until, as Kermit would say, 'something better comes along...').  I'll give them a shout, I'm grateful for the local knowledge.  Of course, I might get sidetracked by the Backcountry Brewery...

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Eh, the brewery has decent beer, service not so much.  But I've been known to buy a beer and then take it down to the shop while having boot work and such done.  Tell them Robyn from Team Summit sent you if you go in, two of the owners' wives are coaches as well. 

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Dillon Dam Brewery (across road from the Comfort Inn!) has very decent beer, brewed in their onsite microbrewery.

They've won awards in the Great Am beer festival & the World Beer Festival.  I think the brewmaster at that time has died

but they are still good.


Happy hour 3-6:30 Monday to Thursday has $2.50 pints of most of their brands. And half price Appetizers in the bar.

 I had 2 appetizers & 2 pints once and got out for $15.00 !




How's the Backcountry Brewery  or the Breckenridge Brewery ?

John W

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The demo gods are not smiling on me...


I called every shop in Dillon, Frisco, Breckenridge, Keystone and Vail that I could locate on Google Maps (I kid you not) and surprisingly few carry Fischer and none have the Motive for demo.  I may just have to buy the darn thing from an EpicSki sponsor and have it sent to CO...


Of course, all is not lost, far from it; thanks to this thread, I now know about two breweries within stumbling distance of my hotel, life is good.

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