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2011/2012 Kastle FX 104


Length:  186 cm


One run at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.


Me:  5'8"  160 lbs. Average for here.


Conditions:  Classic Jackson, firm, cold up high, some wind buff, softer refreezing down low.


As a long time rider of the original MX 98 (120 days on that thing so far) I have eagerly awaited a suitable replacement for it.  I love the way the new MX, soon to be the BMX 98 handles, but have a real fetish for wood/metal laminate skis.


Behold the FX 104,  regular camber, laminate construction, long side cut.  A true skiers ski-

no bells or whistles, just what the old b-squad, legend pro, head monster, explosive type skier wants-  strong, damp, straight, simple, well made.


Certainly will be my go to everyday ski next year. Keep in mind I do ski 90 percent off piste.