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Kastle MX 128, 190cm (one size fits all)


Location:  Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Conditions: 14" inches of medium light density powder

Runs Taken:  Second tram to 2 Sublette lifts, side country, longer hike to further side country, lunch, 2 more trams to skied out resort riding.


Me:  5'8", 160lbs. Ski about 120 days a season at JHMR.  Good skier, about average for here.


The 128 is a great ski for powder, and it has performed effortlessly the 4 days I have ridden it.  The medium, round flex is very predictable, and the early rise tip, while very subtle, works well to smooth any irregularities in the snow.


My early runs were in some of the best pow of the season, a 210 dynastar chicken heart might have worked as well.  Well, maybe not.  The ski allows you the confidence to open it up,  while easily makes shorter "slarvy" turns as well.  Throughout the morning, and into the early afternoon, I skied basically untracked or lightly tracked powder and this thing was effortless.


After a delicious Tram Burger (shameless plug for a product I have no affiliation with) I headed back up the tram for some hammered resort skiing on a giant ski.


No surprise, my boot felt completely inadequate, and my back was put to the test.


If you keep the ski in the fall line, no problem, that might mean skiing over refrozen crud at 4pm after a full day and a beer at the top of the of the Hobacks, but not to worry, it can handle it.


If you have the opportunity to Heli ski, or can ski Cody/No-Name in Jackson or other deep big spots, this thing works.


Tight trees and scraps, snow wise-  not so much.


Funky snow, pretty darn good, though not as good as tip and tail rise skis.