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Title:  Review: 2010 / Ibex / Tuck


NOTE: See my Ibex NMZ review for more info on Ibex gloves.


Product: Tuck Gloves, by Ibex


Length/size Tested: Men's L's. 30 days


Environment of Conditions:

Crested Butte, CO.  BC, resort, XC, every day glove.




These are the softshell slimmer cousins to the Ibex NMZ. Like the NMZ, they have a supple goat skin palm. But instead of the Climawool backing on the rest of the glove, they have a softshell material. I would consider these to be a lighter variant to the NMZ.



1. Fashion: Like my NMZ review, I'll start with the looks. Heh. They're a good looking glove but not as distinctive as the NMZ. They aren't as insulated as the NMZ so they actually make a better around town glove.


2. Warmth: Despite their light appearances, they are still very warm. No air penetration problems with the soft shell backing and were water resistant so far. I would classify them as a 15 degree and above glove. Also, would probably want a little something beefier on blizzard days.


3. Dexterity: Extreme dexterity. This is one of their biggest selling points. Even more than the NMZ. Had no problems with any fine motor skill task.


4. Versatility: Will make for a fine cold weather biking or even summer night hiking glove. Light weight.



1. Warmth: They're not a cold cold day glove.


2. Palm Durability: Again, the goat leather/skin palms are a blessing and a curse. Like the NMZ, you need to be careful with what you do in them.


3. Sizing: I normally am a L in gloves. I went L in these and probably should have gone M.


The Net: Great glove. Warmer than they look. Would buy them again. Very versatile.


Who should buy them: Anyone who does BC, XC, cold weather biking, cold weather city living, hiking, camping. The soft shell is great for shedding moisture. Also, the Ibex guarantee makes these a no-brainer - you can return them at any time for whatever reason. That in and of itself is worth every penny.



Tester Info:

Age: 30 something

Height/Weight: normal sized hands

Average days on snow: 60+

Years Skiing: 35+


Aggressiveness: Aggressive