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Atomic Panic vs Salomon Lord

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I'm in the market to buy my first set of skis, I grew up on the prairies but now that I am living near the mountains I think it is time to invest. I've been skiing since I can remember, but with where I grew up I wouldn't quite consider myself at the expert level. That being said, I love the sport and am planning on committing a lot more time to it now, so I need skis that won't become outmatched as my ability level increases.


I love to ski just about any kind of conditions, park included. Essentially I'm looking for the classic "one ski quiver", something in between 85-95 mm waist. I've always loved the feel of light, lively skis which is what led me to consider the Atomic Panic or the Salomon Lord. I was able to demo the Lords for a day last weekend at Sunshine Village, and loved them. 


I'm finding it extremely difficult to locate a decent review of the Atomic Panics, has anyone here tried them? That adaptive camber technology and a smaller price sticker are intriguing. A comparison between the two skis would be awesome, but after demoing the Lords just getting a feel for the Panics would be very much appreciated as well. 


Thank you and hope everyone is enjoying the winter as much as I am!



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Delete. Brain fart.



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What do you mean? I did see your response about the panics, were you thinking of a different ski?

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Yeah, the Punx was tested there. The Panic is a great ski, sharing the same construction as the wider Coax (105mm) and the new for 2012 Theory (95mm). The Panic sort of got forgotten as those wanting an all mountain twin usually want wider, like the Coax or the 100mm wide Access, and those who want an all mountain ski in the 80-90mm width went more towards the Crimson (88mm) or D2 VF82 (82mm). For a park twin in the 80ish mm width, the Punx fit that category.


I have tried the Lord, but I can't recall any specific characteristics, I did enjoy it for the run.

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If you are looking for something light and lively, go with the Atomic Panic. Compared to the other skis in my collection (Dynastar Big Trouble, Head Mojo Mix, Rossignol Scratch Sprayer, Salomon Pocket Rocket), the Panic is the lightest and most "eager" feeling of the bunch, which is a bit of a surprize because at 87mm underfoot it is wider than both the Head Mojo (79 mm) and the Rossi Scratch (80mm). The Panic's mix of features make it a kind of cross-over between all-mountain and park ski. It's light, maneuverable, forgiving, with a very short "break-in period". The 18 meter turn radius makes for nice carving on the groomers. The poppy flex encourages you to get air off anything and everything you come across. The softish tip enters the turn quickly, the entire length of the edge seems to engage in the turn, and the just-right tail delivers a nice pop at the end. The twin tip lets you mix up turn shapes without ever feeling locked into the turn. While the Panic certainly delivers, I would say it's a bit too light to be serve as the classic "one ski quiver". You will definitely want something with more muscle for deep powder or heavy, wet conditions. I took the Panics up to Whistler on May 28, but they didn't do that well. With that soft tip, deflection becomes an issue, especially at speed. The wet spring slush soon had me missing my wider, beefier Big Troubles. 

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i have the lords and be prepared for the cap to pop off on the tips or tails.  both my tails have had the cap come off.  it is a great ski but the quality is meh.

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