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Rossi S7

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Hey, I have a chance to pick up a pair of S7's with bindings for $780. Is this a good deal or is there a better deal out there?


I haven't had a chance to demo these skis so any info about how they ski would be helpful.



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If they are in good shape I'd say it's a real good deal.

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Brand new Paul.

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It's hard to even find them.  I think it's a good deal.  What size and your specs too.

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I'm picking up a pair of S7s in 188 tonight, price is 400 USD including bindings. They are the 2010 model and are unused. The only catch is that one of the skis was on display in the shop window for a while and the graphic has faded a little compared to its companion. I imagine (hope!) it's still going to ski OK, the bases seemed fine (not distorted in any way). I could put the other ski in my window at home until they match smile.gif


Anyway it was an offer which I had to make a snap decision on. I got first refusal because I've helped the shop during the season by skiing with a few demo customers who wanted new skis but couldn't really describe what they wanted (going skiing with them is a good way to work out what might suit them), but I think at that price they wouldn't have stayed on the rack long,



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^^^^^^ If you think about it, you're asking a question about cosmetics. Mantras turn yellow after a season, but no one is avoiding them. So unless you lived in Phoenix, and sitting in a window involved baking at 125 F all summer for some odd reason, the ski should be fine. Great price, BTW. Be happy. 

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