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True, but sorta moot.  I've been out to various places on Christmas Day, and they have all be utterly empty.  However, during "holidays" around Christmas, they've been packed.  So for one day, it's empty, but otherwise a zoo.

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Nugg >>>"…what are the best resorts in the western US for great ski terrain and small crowds?"


Notice this is your first post.  Surprising no one first asked about your skiing level and terrain preferences.   Most responding are from their own perspectives and many on the board this early season are advanced locals who have skied for years so responses will be so skewed.    In any case there are several important IFs.


Generally intermediate and novice lifts and their groomed slopes at most resorts are almost always more crowded on non-fresh days than advanced lifts.  The exceptions are places like Snowbird or Squaw that have a large numbers of nearby advanced locals or nearby urban skiers.    Thus for the advanced skier and boarders, lifts and slopes may appear wide open much of a day while long lines exist on favorite intermediate lifts especially at usual times of the morning after the usual many late to rise and get a resort groups arrive.  Additionally with some resorts there is a considerable difference between weekend and weekday crowds.  The big destination resorts without a near large metropolitan area nearby have more even numbers of people on slopes from day to day while places like the popular Tahoe resorts receive large numbers of m-f working skiers migrating up each weekend.   And everywhere much depends on snow conditions of base, lifts open, and quality of snow as experienced skiers are much more likely to make trips given good conditions.   Now mid December, many resorts in the West are still suffering from below average snow bases.  Although there is pretty much enough snow to keep locals occupied, the bigger crowds won't be too impressed until bases get up above 4 or 5 feet as more advanced terrain requires such.   And finally much again depends on the time of winter.   It is still early season.  Many snow sports enthusiasts really don't take notice until the Christmas-New years holiday season so those talking up their current experiences require an asterisk.   February is often peak season so indicating the period of a visit has value.


Excellent reply, but the OP said "...what are the best resorts in the western US for great ski terrain and small crowds?"


So he should be a good skier and places like Buttermilk, Monarch, Cooper, Targhee, perhaps Vail, etc., are a waste of time.


I've never been to Bridger, but with the Schlasman's lift it should be off the charts.  I expect weekdays there would be pretty quiet.

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Arapahoe Basin

The Aspen areas especially Buttermilk (Tiehack)

Crested Butte





In my eyes, A-Basin is an iffy choice- it can get fairly crowded there. But, terrain is good, so maybe.


Sunlight deserves to be on that list. 85,000 skier visits a year- NEVER crowded. Terrain is very good. Snow is mediocre, but given the lack of crowds, you still get quality powder days.


In my eyes, Wolf Creek defines the list.

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Well, if you don't see a border as s problem, most of Canada is uncrowded. Especially midweek.

Montana and norhern Idaho might be good bets too.
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Colorado I say Loveland or copper depending get on snow conditions. Ones on one side of the pass or the other. If ys got skills and the back county experience both are awesome with quick hitch hikes for another lap. Oh I forgot steamboat. Just far enough out of the way and great on both. Utah, Alta or sundance! I would go there just cuz they both rocked and never crowded!
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Solitude deserves consideration.

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Solitude deserves consideration.

It had some. A few people have already beat you to it. 

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The B.C. Interior has more than a dozen ski resorts and a small population and every small town, and large towns as well, have turned their small local ski areas into "resorts". So there is quite an over capacity for chairlifts. The exception is on powder days where every small town has an unwritten 15cm (6") rule.  People pour out of the woodwork, ski for 2 or3 hours and then go to work or school, open their business or head to the backcountry.

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