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Ski Boot Fit Problems

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I recently purchased a pair of Dalbello Venom 90's with a pair of red superfeet inserts with the heat insulator under the toes.  I have skied on them two full days now to break them in.  The first day they fit very well, in comparison to my old rental boots.  The main issues were pressure points on my shins where the buckles were, fixed by an angle adjustment, and my right foot is a little larger so my foot could not lay completely flat because the shell needed to be scraped a little to get extra room for my toes.  These adjustments were done this past week so I went skiing again Saturday to try them out.  The first day was a powder day, the second day was nasty with some rain/mixed precip day so there was a lot more hardpack and wet snow and ice so a lot more problems revealed themselves because I was skiing the boot harder.  Also I just bought new skis (Atomic Panic 173 with Marker Squire bindings) and they are so much lighter than my old rental skis that my feet could just naturally do what they wanted a lot easier.


The previous issues were corrected, but I noticed some new problems.  My right ski, when coasting, if I didn't correct it, was aiming in, naturally going to a wedge at about 11 o'clock.  This didn't happen when I was skiing anywhere where I was focused and actively steering, because I assume I was naturally correcting for it as part of the turn.  Also, while my left foot felt flat on the ground, my right foot felt as though I was putting much more pressure on the outside bottom, almost as if you tried to walk without your big toe touching the ground.  I also felt pain in my arch closer to my heel occasionally(at 2 o'clock if the arch is the top half of a clock), less often when skiing, and more often when walking in the ski boot or when the boot was flat on the ground.  It wouldn't be a muscular pain, but more of a sharp pain as if something was being stretched too far.  Also, when standing in the lift line, my skis and boots do not lie totally flat on the ground.  My left foot is fine, but my right foot angles up so the outside edge of the ski is off the ground a bit.  Any ideas what could be causing these.  Going to take them back to my boot fitter I bought them from, but wanted your advice so I would know how to explain the pain correctly to get the issues fixed.  Also towards the end of the day, my feet, much moreso my right foot, were very sore almost as if they were tired from standing in a tensed position all day.


My right foot is larger than my left foot. my arches are medium at best, maybe even closer to low/flat.  One parent has flat feet and the other doesn't.  I also have very skinny ankles and pretty skinny calves due to a life of swimming.


Sorry for the long post and thanks so much for your help.

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is it the same if you revered the skis, left to right?   just checking that this is a boot issue, and not a ski/binding issue

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I believe so, I think I switched up the skis after lunch and one other time midafternoon.  I will check when I get home from work but am 95% sure so for now let's go on the premise that I did.

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yup, switched the skis, same thing happens with the right ski regardless of which one it is.

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