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Fischer Flowflex Z13 bindings

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I have RC Pro's with those bindings...


First off, do the screws just screw into threaded holes already part of the race plate on those skis, or do the screws extend into the ski surface?


Secondly, I can see toward the bottom that one of the heel ranges is "340-362"



So, right now those were mounted for 313 boots.  But I have boots coming that will be a shell smaller (so 303, theoretically), and I don't know if this would be within the forward pressure adjustment range, or if I need a remount???  Is there any way to tell by fiddling with the forward adjustment?


I'm trying at all costs to avoid going to my local shop, who manages to f*** up skis on occasion, but if this is a performance/safety necessity, I will suck it up and have them remount it.

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I got a used pair of skis with those bindings, and they were set for a boot much smaller than mine.  I found some information about them here:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/58574906/Fischer-Technical-Manual (pages 12, 13).  Unfortunately, I can't remember if 303mm and 313mm boots belong to the same set of mounting holes.


I'm certainly not a trained person by any means!!! eek.gif so please take what I did with a grain (or a pound!) of salt.  Here goes....


I unscrewed the bindings and found that they were only screwed into the plate, not the ski itself.  There were different holes in the plate to accommodate different size boots (each set of holes was marked with the sole length range, if I remember correctly).  I screwed the bindings back down using the appropriate set of holes.  Then I had to unlock, move, and lock the heel piece so that the boot fit snugly.


Then I made sure I could pull my boot out of the binding in each possible way with what seemed a reasonable amount of force.  Since I use a low DIN of 5, this suggested to me that it was safe to ski on.  I've been using it for several weeks with no mishaps.  It released when it should and didn't when it shouldn't.


I've read here though that you really should get bindings mounted/tested by professionals, so at some point I plan to get my quick and dirty job checked out.

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