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Any input would be welcomedcool.gif

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Nice bump skiing alta6. Great control. Im a bit jealous!

For me, getting some shorter poles will really help here. It seems like your hands are forced up by your shoulders creating big arm movements. Shorter poles will help your fluid movement down the line and fix up a little rotation on the turn to your right(skiers right). It looks to me your right hand gets left behind a touch creating a slight rotation/inclination to the right.



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I agree about the shorter poles.

Also, try to try to just touch the pole down just past the top of the mogul. Patrick Deneen is great at it.

Finally, try to keep your shovels more engaged (lower), by pulling your heels back as you absorb the mogul. Donna Weinbrecht is a master at it.
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Nice skiing Alta6 - just as I remember from watching you ski bumps at Holimont one spring day a few seasons back (actually, this looks even better). If you make it back to Holimont this spring, or need someone to sign you in, let me know. I'll be there every weekend until they close. I'd love to ski with you again (I just hope I can withstand your endurance!).


BTW - agreed on the pulling the heels back comment from above. Also, I'm not a pole expert, but I chopped two inches from my free skiing poles this year with great results for both bump skiing and cruising around.

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Great Job Alta , good thing I didn't make it out to the Springs that day since you had your camera! The bumps you're skiing started out man made for the Freestyle team. I've skied these alot and always seem to get spit out. Nice job.


If I would have made it it would have made three times this year and each time you with different boots! Snow looked good too.


If it doesn't rain , I think I'll try and make Sat. this weekend. Supposed to get cold again later this month. (I hope)

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One thing I never see mentioned when talking about bump skiing is the skis.  I used to ski on Solomon X-Screams and when I get my Dynastar EXclusive Powder skis, I couldn't believe the difference.  It seems the X-Screams were very stiff and the Dynastars just bend effortlessly through the bumps, making it much easier to navigate.

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I agree with other responders and have some additional thoughts.


Holistically, you are somewhat slamming into the lower part of the mogul, which is tensing your legs and swinging your hands left and right, the pole being used for stability. If you push your feet out too much ahead of your hips, its hard to have a soft touch for absorbing.


In this case a pole plant helps with the stability.  However, you then ski right past your own pole without that hand moving forward.  Doesnt seem like much but changes the tension in your core

and makes it harder to flow straight down the track.


More absorbing on the front side would keep your skis/flow/hands more down the hill


Early in the video, when you are farther away from the camera, the left to right hand

swinging is more easily seen.


I would suggest trying to ski 3-6 bumps at a time with more absorbing on the frontside and a reaching pole plant.  The speed will of course increase, which is why i suggest just a few at at time.

(using shorter poles)



Interesting bumps - ie like the troughs were dug downward as opposed the moguls being built upward


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