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Down here in Atlanta, Spring is in the process of springing in earnest, which means it's  good riding weather.  It also means it's time for a new bike project.  Found a 1990 Schwinn Traveler on Craigslist in pristine condition.  Maybe ridden twice in 22 years.  Attached pics show bike in its original state when I got it home, followed by a pic after I completely stripped the bike, cut off the downtube braze-ons and cable guides.  After the second pic was taken, I decided to take it a step further and cut off all fender/rack mounting points on the frame and fork and ditch the rear derailleur hanger.  I then spent some more time with the die grinder, dremel, and handheld sandpaper making everything nice and smooth.   Frame and fork are now out for soda blasting and powder coating in a dark gray/gunmetal matte finish. 


Plan is to build up a very clean looking fixed gear with a flip-flop hub and run a single speed freewheel on flip side.  I'm thinking 44/17 fixed with 19 on the free side.  Anyway, should provide some garage time fun for the build and then be a nice little neighborhood and bike path ride with the kids. 


In other news, if any of you have an affinity for old shimano group parts, I have some mint condition 7 speed Exage 300 stuff free for the asking, minus shipping charges, along with the two position dia-comp brake levers.


photo 1.JPG


photo 5.JPG   

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