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Tell your brother to send them to me!

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Had is the important word in my post ;).  Hey actually broke one in them early 80's and went to Dynastar Ballet skis after that.

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I'll take those Dynastars too!

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sorry it took me so long to respond. i havent been getting to many notifications fron EPIC, I am interester in seeing a picture of mainly the olin ballet skis.are they 140 cm? but will look at the picture of ski puppets. actualy looking for two pairs to teach ballet. i will gladley make a offer. thanks tor your time.

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I have some real doubts that putting a ski pressed way back in 1980 through the stress of a tip tail spin or tip roll would end well. 

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Dose anybody recomend a solution to skis strong enough to do ballet tricks?

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A lot of the old freedoggers are using the new version of the 244 mids (Mamba).  They come in a 153cm at shortest I think..



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Ya.  You're probably right.  but I never quit searching for that pair that's just been laying around.  as a former owner of several Corvettes, they still keep surprising everyone by popping up in the most unusual places.  I'm going to keep on looking, just in case.  It's the thrill of the hunt;)


I can still do those tip rolls, but not one handed anymore:(

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ok thanks i will check them out. but still looking for olin ballet skis all white with black letters and neon orange stripes. lost them during a divorce. some luck huh

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Ya...............that sucks...............chicks suck too

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well i cant say that . just that one sucked. I am not giving up on that either,lol

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I'll have to check my Dad's closet. I wonder if my old Olin Mark IV Ballet's are still there.

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Check it now!  They might be there!  Send them to me immediately!


We had a fun day today.  4 ski instructors said "Hey dude, let's play follow the leader".  They had no idea what was about to transpire.  At the end I again offered to teach them ballet and mogul at no charge.  These kids were stunned.  I am stunned I still do this stuff!


Snow Dancer

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I've got some Hart Ballet skis if anyone is interested just message me.



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Those look better'n mine. Mine are sorta beat up on top and the bases keep wanting to peel off. They lift up at the edges and I had to do some base welds to make them skiable. What kind of shape are the bases on those in?
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The bases are flawless. 


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Those are very pretty.  My main concern would be the 747 heels not being equipe.  The plastic bottom ones tend to blow by the time they get our age.  No telling how many other holes are under them too as the ski was not still in production when the 747 series came out was it? 


Regardless, if any of you retro fans to grab these be sure to give VS 808 feedback Thumbs Ups so they can post in gear swap where we're supposed to run all transactions like this.  The folks running things do sometimes make exceptions for retro stuff like this among people that have a lot of experience swapping retro gear.

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My eyes can't see the numbers on the bindings, until I click on the picture and blow it up. It turns out they are 727's. The question then becomes, do they have a DIN scale on them or a pre-DIN 1-4 scale. The pre-DIN have metal housing. I have those on my 710's. If it has a DIN scale, I understand that if it isn't Equipe, it's plastic.

My calibrated eyeball guess on the length is 160, same as mine.
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 They are 160 cm. Unfortunately the bindings have lost some plastic on the heel. They still function though, but on a ski hill is debatable. I lifted the plate on the toe piece, and no sign of any other drill holes. Pretty sure the ski have only be drilled once. 



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The Ballets have sold, but thanks for the positive feedback guys. Look for more vintage stuff from me in the future in the Gear Swap section. Thanks!!

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Those were really pretty skis.  The history was hart Ballet Swizzle Sticks with blue mat.  Then the were Hart Ballets with a gloss coating.  The next gen was yellow/blue with mat Hart Ballet I had them in my freestyle competition events.  I loved them!

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I have Olin 140 ballet in Bend OR  Phone number deleted per forum rules. PM if interested. 

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PM me. 

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Leaving your number out on the inter webs where it can be found by spam bots is not the greatest idea. I'd suggest PM'ing....
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Originally Posted by Snow Dancer View Post

PM me. 


 @Snow Dancer  You'll have to PM them from your account.  They don't have enough posts or forum feedback Thumbs Up to send PMs from their account..

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Thanks. for correcting my post.  I'm new to this.  Usually do craigslist.  In searching for info on my olin ballet skis, I watched a few videos and it got me psyched to get back into it at 67 yrs old.  I really enjoyed it 40 years ago, especially when some issues with my lower back wouldn't allow me to ski the bumps.  Sorry if I disappointed anyone with a potential sale.  Maybe midwinter if I find my knees won't handle it.   Doug

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Thanks for the heads up crgildart.  I just PM'd dad830.  Hopefully it will come to fruition this time!

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I sent you my contact information by PM (Private Message about the Olins.  Please let me know when you get the information.




Snow dancer

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Hi all I am new to epic ski
I messed around in the 80s
With ballet skiing ,I have 2 sets of tomic ballet poles and a pair of the white hart ballets
In 140 cm
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